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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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The Now Age Era

“Peoples and Nations are invited to sing this tune, and practise permaculture soon; and help grow herbs and veggies, nuts and fruits, using home-made compost on the roots”!

“Plant food-forests, clean the air, save old forests everywhere! Peoples of the world unite! Feed the hungry, make it right! Lay down weapons, live in peace, let the global conflicts cease”!

“A peace-filled world is what we need, We can all help sow the seeds. Get the feeling, Join the movement, EARTH REPAIR FOR WORLD IMPROVEMENT”!

VISION 2030 asks all the world’s Indigenous Original Tribal Peoples, to unite with All Nations United (ANU), to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race, so each one of us and all humanity can participate in

helping stabilise Earth’s climate and provide permanent food security for all present and future generations. We aspire for the 21st Century to be loving, united, peaceful and prosperous, bringing maximum benefits to everyone.

Share this future-vision fine-art to help Decade 2021-2030 spark a 21st Century of true Inner and World Peace for all. Thanks in advance for sharing this action to help rescue and enhance the future!

We the people sharing this:

– PARTICIPATE in the movement for world improvement and help lobby for all nations to unite and establish a global, community-driven, organic food and tree growing race to help stabilize Earth’s climate and ensure permanent food security for all.
– ASPIRE for a loving, united, peaceful, and prosperous humanity and for this decade and the 21st Century to bring maximum benefits to all present and future generations.
– INVITE everyone to be part of the great awakening of all humanity to the highest level of personal and collective conscious awareness, so all may live in peace in our true spiritual home in the HERE and the NOW.
– RECOGNISE ourselves as awakened, sovereign, spiritual citizens on Earth in the infinite universe, every one of us born free and equal in dignity and human rights.
– REALISE that each of us is a unique and unrepeatable, self-chosen, great champion winner of life as at our conception, we each came first to have a human experience on Earth, ahead of millions of competitors; our 2nd birth is into limitless consciousness.
– EAT and drink nutrient-dense, raw living plant foods to help reverse disease, acquire immunity efficiency, and with appropriate walking and stretching exercises, attain and maintain optimum physical good health and mental well-being.
– BREATHE slowly, deeply, and consciously; start with deep in-and-out nasal breaths, leaving thoughts of past and future aside and arriving at our one true spiritual home in the Here and the Now where infinite and eternal conscious awareness is found.

– UNDERSTAND that by consciously living in the universe, the universe is also living within us; experienced like a falling raindrop splashing into the ocean and instantly becoming the whole ocean.
– MAINTAIN an attitude of optimism and gratitude, transforming difficulties into opportunities and problems into solutions, while enjoying the present moments as the latest best time so far.
– ADOPT and participate in the Earth Repair Charter Global Solution Strategy to help this Decade become a period of great peace, prosperity, and abundance for all.

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Nations will not practise war any more’

An ancient prophecy says: ‘Nations will not practise war any more’.

Let this be the time for people everywhere to help make this prophesy actual and factual to keep war out of our future.

By transitioning from wasteful annual global military budgets of over $2 Trillion dollars (that’s 2 thousand billion dollars a year) to invest into funding the 33 achievable solutions listed below. As adoption of the Earth Repair Charter Global Solution Strategy self-perpetuates, there will be an abundance of funding available.

The transition will include engaging key personnel, resources and expertise from all national military service sectors to implement Global Earth Repair projects in co-operation with all the world’s people, communities & nations to help implement a global, organic food and tree growing race


1. The 1st Global Earth Repair Conference (GERC) was held in the USA in May 2019; Fund GERC’s in every nation ASAP.
2. Assist to restore ecosystems on lands, lakes, rivers, and seas.
3. Compost all available biodegradable materials to create massive volumes of humus-rich soil and breed increasing numbers of earthworms at the same time. This will help replenish and revitalize the Earth’s depleted top-soils.
4. Manufacture increasing numbers of hygienic, aerobic, no-dig, conical-shaped composting bins made from recycled plastics for every home yard! Then, all biodegradable resources can be used to help restore degraded lands.
5. Provide safe clean water for all by creating large-scale solar and renewable-energy-powered desalination plants and water pumping stations in strategic locations throughout the world, then piping the purified water to arid areas; this would enable garden food-forests to grow in increasing abundance to end hunger and unemployment.
6. Cultivate the learning of permaculture ethics and principles in every school to benefit all present and future generations.
7. Adopt organic permaculture farming principles in the growing of all food crops, including hemp for fibre.
8. Make compost from treated sewage to help grow trees; “Planting and helping grow increasing quantities of appropriate trees, is the scientific solution to Earth’s environmental dilemma.” – Dr. Richard St. Barbe Baker, Founder ‘Children of the Green Earth’.
9. Protect in perpetuity all remaining high conservation value native forests to conserve vital biodiversity.

12. Accelerate appropriate mixed-species plantation forestry.
13. Provide free universal education and health care for all people.
14. Fund the International Rights of Nature movement so all sentient beings can be respected to live and die peacefully.
15. Adopt the wisdom of Hippocrates who taught, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”
16. Motivate all to acquire good health and immunity efficiency.
17. End malnutrition and starvation by promoting healthy practices.
18. Disarm nuclear weapons and ban all weapons of mass destruction, including bioweapons; eradicate all landmines.
19. Implement a Universal and International Bill of Human Rights.
20. VISION 2030 asks all the world’s Indigenous First Peoples to unite with All Nations United (ANU) to change the arms race to a global, community-driven, organic food and tree-growing race, to help stabilize Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all humanity.
21. End homelessness worldwide by helping provide sustainable shelter for all.
22. Use only ‘new-clean’ renewable energy systems based on the ‘World’s Best Practices.’
23. Replace ‘opposition party’ politics with ‘collaboration party’ politics in all governments.
24. Provide free family planning, birthing, and parenting advice for stable growth in our world’s population.
25. End racial and religious tensions by recognizing our one humanity and Earth as the common home for all peoples, we, all sovereign citizens of the infinite universe.
26. Stop further global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, and mass extinction.
27. Replace single-use plastics with non-polluting alternatives.
28. Build suitable aircraft to effectively water bomb out-of-control forest fires using the military air forces of every nation.
29. End self-harm and suicide by educating for and encouraging effective social interconnectedness.
30. Stop the inhumane practice of under-age circumcision.
31. Recognize the equality of genders and sentient species.
32. Establish a Ministry or Department for Peace in every nation to administer the end of domestic and all violence.
33. Embrace inner and world peace for everyone for all time.

This is the CND emblem for Complete Nuclear Disarmament. The acronym is in the design!

Eternal gratitude to Medard Gabel of for the original research in developing this list

Please LIKE and SHARE this Now Age Global Solution Strategy. Thank you! ~ ~


BE PART OF THE SOLUTION BY SHARING WIDELY THE THOUGHT-SEEDS IN THIS INITIATIVE. Please send to community leaders, politicians, the media, and family and friends. Thank you!

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Join with these EARTH REPAIR CHARTER endorsers and like and share this Now-Age global solution strategy towards helping make the whole world great for everyone. Share

“I was thrilled to receive your Earth Repair Charter and all my best wishes are behind it”.

David Suzuki, David Suzuki Foundation

“The Earth Repair Charter’s unique approach is capable of uniting all people, communities, religions and nations in the common purpose of helping solve Earth’s environmental, social and economic dilemmas”.

Burnum Burnum, Australian Author, Activist & Actor, 1936-1997

“The Earth Repair Charter is helping us to be enlightened in our relationship with the Earth and compassionate to all beings”.

H.H. The Dalai Lama

“Life on Earth is at immediate risk and only implementing the Earth Repair Charter can save it”.

Richard Jones, Former MLC, Independent, NSW Parliament, Australia

“The Earth Repair Charter is clearly an idea whose time has come. It inspires hope and optimism for a safer, saner and healthier future for everyone. I recommend it be included in all educational institutions”.

Jenny Kee, Australian designer/artist

“The Earth Repair Charter is the way to help rescue the future from further ignorance and environmental degradation. Please promote the Charter to help create a safer, healthier and more peaceful world”.

Geoffrey BW Little JP, Australia’s Famous, International Smiling Policeman

“I consider that the Earth Repair Charter is self-evident as an achievable Global Solution Strategy. I urge every national government to adopt it as the priority within each country”.

Joanna Macy, PhD , Professor, Teacher, Author, Institute for Deep Ecology, USA

“I am pleased to say that the Earth Repair Charter represents the best possible path for everyone to consider. Best wishes, good luck”.

Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil and Past President of ACF

“I love the Earth Repair Charter and give it my whole hearted endorsement”.

Noni Hazelhurst, Australian Actor

“The Earth Repair Charter is, in our opinion, a document that can greatly contribute to improving the quality of life on this planet”.

Donald Rojas, World Council of Indigenous People, Canada

“The Earth Repair Charter is a blueprint for united action by the Parliaments of the world. Through increased global co-operation, the precepts of the Charter can be brought to fulfilment”.

Former MP, Maggie Deahm, Australian Parliament

“People everywhere must now unite and demand that all politicians and policy makers implement demilitarisation and the objectives of the Earth Repair Charter to ensure the survival of future generations”.

Jonathan Bevan, LLB, United Peoples Association, Australia

“The Earth Repair Charter has the capacity to galvanise action against the neglect by governments of that which should be most treasured - peace, justice and a healthy planet. I endorse it with great enthusiasm”.

Former Senator Lyn Allison, Australian Democrats

“The Earth Repair Charter is a visionary and exciting approach to solving the environmental and social crises facing the planet today. I’m proud to add my name to the list of supporters”.

Former Senator and Leader of Australian Greens, Dr Bob Brown

“The Earth Repair Charter is a visionary statement that educates, inspires and motivates actions for peace on Earth”

Dr Keith Suter, BA, PhD, Economic and Social Commentator

“People of all nations committing to this global solution strategy will regenerate the Earth’s beauty and richness, and allow quality life for all to become a sustainable reality”.

Dudley Leggett, Director, Sustainability Research Institute, Australia

“The Conflict Resolution Network endorses the Earth Repair Charter and will make every endeavour to help achieve its noble aims”.

Stella Cornelius, AO, OBE, Director, Conflict Resolution Network, 1919-2010

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Cultivating Unity: A Vision for a Global Community-Driven Organic Revolution

In the grand tapestry of human history, certain moments emerge that defy the ordinary, captivating the imagination and challenging the status quo. Today, we find ourselves at the crossroads of such a moment, where an audacious proposal is set to reshape the very essence of how we relate to our planet and to each other. This is the story of a visionary proposition: the fusion of the wisdom of Indigenous First Nations Peoples and the innovative spirit of All Nations United (ANU) in the creation of a Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race. This proposition beckons us to abandon the age-old concept of an arms race and embrace a radical transformation—a sustainable revolution rooted in the principles and ethics of permaculture. In this exploration, we shall venture into the depths of this transformative vision, navigating through the realms of unity, sustainability, climate stability, and enduring food security.

**The Seed of Unity**

The proposal begins with a powerful message—unity. The call for Indigenous First Nations Peoples from around the world to unite with ANU is not merely a symbolic gesture but a profound recognition of the collective wisdom engrained in diverse cultures. It acknowledges that solutions to our most pressing global challenges require a harmonious blend of ancient knowledge and contemporary innovation. This partnership embodies a fusion of the ages—a collaboration that transcends borders, races, and backgrounds.

Indigenous First Nations Peoples have historically been the stewards of the Earth, nurturing a deep connection to the land and its resources. Their sustainable practices, passed down through generations, have sustained ecosystems for millennia. In contrast, ANU represents the evolving ethos of a global community, fostering innovation and cooperation to address the complex issues of our time. Together, they offer a holistic approach to healing our planet.

**Seeding Change Through Permaculture**

Central to this visionary proposal is the idea of a Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race. At its core, this concept challenges the prevailing paradigm of competition and conflict. Instead of investing in an arms race, we invest in a race to heal, nourish, and sustain our Earth. The battlegrounds shift from war-torn landscapes to the heart of our homes—the suburbs of towns and cities worldwide.

Permaculture, the guiding philosophy of this endeavor, provides the blueprint for this transformation. It beckons us to design our lives in harmony with nature, recognizing the interdependence of all living beings. In our home-yards, this approach manifests as a harmonious blend of organic food cultivation and tree planting, where every square foot is a canvas of abundance and ecological renewal.

**Nurturing Earth’s Climate**

The urgency of climate change casts a long shadow over the world’s future. The Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race offers a glimmer of hope in this ever-darkening narrative. By reforesting our urban landscapes and cultivating organic, climate-resilient crops in our backyards, we take a vital step towards stabilizing the Earth’s climate.

Trees, nature’s carbon sequestration champions, stand as our allies in this endeavor. They not only absorb carbon dioxide but also mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events, reduce urban heat islands, and enhance local biodiversity. Moreover, the carbon-rich soils of permaculture gardens act as a powerful carbon sink, further mitigating the effects of climate change.

**Sustaining Food Security for All Generations**

Food security, a fundamental human right, is threatened by a myriad of factors, from changing weather patterns to resource depletion and economic disparities. The proposed race, however, offers a ray of optimism. By decentralizing food production and promoting organic practices, we empower communities to take charge of their nutritional destiny.

Permaculture principles advocate for the creation of resilient, diverse, and abundant ecosystems. In suburban home-yards, these principles translate into self-reliant food production systems that can weather the storms of uncertainty. A Global Community-Driven approach ensures that no one is left behind, as knowledge, resources, and support flow freely between nations.

**The Complexity of Hope**

In the realm of this visionary proposal, hope flourishes amidst the complexity of our world’s challenges. It challenges us to rethink our priorities, to step away from the brink of ecological disaster, and to embrace a future where unity, sustainability, climate stability, and food security are not elusive dreams but tangible realities.

This is not a conclusion but an invitation—an invitation to embark on a journey towards a brighter future, where the seeds of unity sprout into a flourishing tapestry of interconnected communities, where permaculture principles guide our footsteps, where we nurture the climate that sustains us, and where food security is a birthright for all generations to come. In this vision, we find perplexity and burstiness—a world where the improbable becomes the inevitable, and where the potential for change is boundless.

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A bubble, in a bubble, in a bubble

From the first time I blew a bubble, in a bubble, in a bubble, about 50 years ago, I have felt like Don Quixote realising the impossible dream and reaching the unreachable star.

This 19 second video introduces the ‘Now’ Mantra chant.

The following link summarises some of the results that have evolved from that time. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Thanks if you share this!

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Solution proposal for out of control fires

The devastating global-warming fires raging in the world at this time, destroying many lives, properties and forests and causing great tragedy for many and effecting us all, necessitates the finding and implementing a lateral and global response.

Remembering that similar fiery destruction has recently happened in the last few years in Australia, California, Athens, Russia, Macedonia, Argentina and many other places.

1. We propose that every national government create specialized sectors, with trained personnel, within every national department of defence, to assist the many existing heroic fire fighters world-wide to strengthen our collective defence capabilities.

2. Budgets need to be urgently allocated to create fleets of the most efficient, water bombing aircraft to be based in strategic locations around the world ready to respond to large scale fire outbreaks. This is a matter of urgent priority!

3. Military Air Forces of every nation could start focussing right now on building, or converting suitable aircraft, to effectively deliver water to quell out-of-control fires. Some of the houses that were water bombed in Victoria Australia a few years ago avoided destruction.

Please help broadcast this solution proposal towards finding a way to have it implemented ASAP.

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Vision 2030
Peace Decade

The VISION 2030 emblem is a modern interpretation of an ancient prophesy that says: ‘Nations will not practise war any more’.

Now is the time for all humanity to unite for peace and make this prophesy actual and factual.

The vision is for a world community of caring and sharing people, working and living in good health and in harmony with all other beings in peace and sustainable abundance.



– Invites everyone to participate in the achievable quest for all nations to transition from wasteful military budgets towards ecosystem restorations and creating abundant and sustainable food-forests in urban and rural areas everywhere.
– Encourages people to learn and practice the minimum-maintenance, maximum-yield principles of permaculture and how to live long, healthy, and sustainable lives.
– Motivates for all continuously available and appropriate biodegradable materials to be composted via hygienic, continuously aerobic, no-dig composting methods with bins made from 100% recycled plastics. This is to enable the breeding of increasing numbers of earthworms and massive volumes of humus-soil to use to replenish Earth’s depleted top-soils and help nature to organically grow food-forests in the majority of home yards and all other appropriate places.
– Planting and helping grow an abundance of home garden food-forests will create ethical, honourable, and practical employment.
– Growing increasing numbers of eco-villages in urban areas in every nation will provide an abundance of fresh, healthy living foods for all present and future generations.

Permaculture learning is suggested to be integrated into all educational systems and institutions, including correctional centres, refugee and asylum-seeking centres, and tent cities for the homeless. Permaculture is a social design science that is already helping humanity to thrive. Learn more now by searching and browsing through the hundreds of pages of picture stories and numerous videos on the internet. Permaculture Ethics are: Earth Care; People Care; Fair Share.

– Establishing efficient food and medicine gardens as productive learning and growing centres in home and school yards, community spaces, detention centres, and gaols.
– Lobbying all levels of local, state, and national governments to enable everyone to participate in earth repair actions for a sustainable, peaceful, and abundant future.
– VISION 2030 supports local and global cooperation to help mitigate climate change, create honourable employment, and help end world hunger.


Please share this page with friends and family, community leaders and organisations, government ministers and the media. Thank you.

The VISION 2030 PROJECT has been developed by the Earth Repair Foundation combined with: Transition Blue Mountains; Permaculture Blue Mountains; United Peoples Association Australia; and the Sustainability Research Institute, Australia.

Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) PO Box 503 Katoomba 2780

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A GLOBAL CALL OUT to talented rappers and/or music producers who may be interested in co-creating the following brief and succinct ‘thought-seeding’ rhyme, in a clear and strong female or male voice to create an effective educational production that may be loved by everyone. If done well enough, it may possibly help bring some extra sanity to humanity.

There’s bound to be someone, somewhere, willing, or who would just love to help make such a thing happen. Suggestions are invited and would be welcomed! Please share this until it becomes a world-wide success.

Earth Repair Peace Rap
Earth Repair is in the air,
Feel it, Think it, Live it, Yeah,
Beat the Drum, Boom, Boom,
Boom, Boom,

Beat the Drum for Earth Repair

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

(Creative percussion drum beats between verses are to sow these thought-seeds deeply into human consciousness).

Grow Herbs and Veggies, Nuts and Fruits,
Use Homemade Compost on the Roots,
Plant Food Forests, Clean the Air,
Save Old Forests Everywhere

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

Peoples of the World Unite,
Feed the Hungry, Make it Right,
Lay down weapons, Live in Peace,
Let the Global conflicts Cease

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

A Peace-Filled World is What We Need,
We can all Help Sow the Seeds,
Get the Feeling, Join the Movement,
Earth Repair for World Improvement

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom


© 2022, Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) with Sandy Holmes from the GloWorms.

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Permaculture Design Certificates

This Thought-Seeding statement is prompting people of every nation to lobby all levels of their local, state and national governments, to enable the 72 hour curriculum of Permaculture learning to be integrated into all youth, refugee and asylum seeking detention centres. Also in correctional services facilities, refugee camps and Tent Cities for the Homeless. Further, the 72 hours of Permaculture learning, now more than ever, needs to be included in all schools, colleges and universities and all other institutes of education. This vital information can be learned over weeks, months and/or years. Anyone can begin learning from now, by browsing through the thousands of pages of picture stories and videos, by searching for Permaculture stories on Google! Efficient food and medicine gardens can be established as productive learning and growing centres in home and school yards, community gardens, detention centres and jails. Within a decade, increasing numbers of abundant food-forests and eco-villages will be growing in every country.

This will enable everyone to participate in earth repair actions for a sustainable and abundant future for everybody. Permaculture shows how to co-operate with all of Earth’s elements, species, climates and peoples, enabling everyone to live lives filled with absolute sustainable abundance in harmony with the Sun, the earth/soil, the wind and the rain. Please share this post with friends and family, community organisations, government ministers and social and mainstream media. Thank you.

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

Direct Credit to Commonwealth Bank Australia, Account name: Earth Repair Foundation, BSB: 062-559  Account # 0090 5301 or fill in the form below.

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