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ERF is motivating for world-wide adoption of the potentially historic Earth Repair Charter Global Solution Strategy as the main theme for this decade 2021 ~ 2030

Among other things, Earth Repair is primarily about composting and Permaculture food-forests in every home yard.

Consider sharing time and effort in whatever area you choose from the Charter and thanks in advance for your participation.

Potential partners and investors are invited to help accelerate progress with this global earth repair movement for community advancement and world improvement.

Because ERF’s work is, and has always been 100% voluntary, donations are needed to help thought-seed this solution-strategy around world. Please DONATE.

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Thanks in advance if you are able to donate financial support to help grow the Global Earth Repair Movement. Please invest into a sustainable future.

Direct Credit, Commonwealth Bank, Account name: Earth Repair Foundation,  BSB: 062-559, Account # 0090 5301

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