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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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Solution proposal for out of control fires


Build suitable air craft to effectively water bomb out-of- control forest fires using military air forces of every nation.

The devastating global-warming fires raging in the world at this time, destroying many lives, properties and forests and causing great tragedy for many and effecting us all, necessitates the finding and implementing a lateral and global response.

Remembering that similar fiery destruction has recently happened in the last few years in Australia, California, Athens, Russia, Macedonia, Argentina and many other places.

1. We propose that every national government create specialized sectors, with trained personnel, within every national department of defence, to assist the many existing heroic fire fighters world-wide to strengthen our collective defence capabilities.

2. Budgets need to be urgently allocated to create fleets of the most efficient, water bombing aircraft to be based in strategic locations around the world ready to respond to large scale fire outbreaks. This is a matter of urgent priority!

3. Military Air Forces of every nation could start focussing right now on building, or converting suitable aircraft, to effectively deliver water to quell out-of-control fires. Some of the houses that were water bombed in Victoria Australia a few years ago avoided destruction.

Please help broadcast this solution proposal towards finding a way to have it implemented ASAP.

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