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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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"What the World Needs Now IS A SENSE OF HUMUS"

Compost instead of waste to breed Earth worms and make humus-soil; Helping nature to grow the healthiest foods, is FUN-WORK, not toil.

Towards achieving a no-waste society, this campaign is motivating the world community to reduce, reuse and recycle all used plastics to re-manufacture into composting bins for every home yard in cities and towns world-wide.

The bins are hygienic, aerobic and conical shaped, like the bins pictured here, although these bins have had eight x 3mm holes drilled into them in a symetrical grid, and one in the lid, providing continuous aeration, enabling optimal bio-degradation and an efficient no-dig method.

Every compost stack is an earth repair bank and every deposit made is an investment into a sustainable future.

Composting bins can be used in every home yard to stop the waste, and to process ALL the continuously available bio-degradable resources. This will produce increasing quantities of earth worms and humus-rich soil to use in helping grow permaculture-designed urban and rural food-forests in all appropriate places.

As this activity accelerates globally, it will enable unlimited ethical and honourable employment, enhance local and global co-operation, produce an abundance of fresh, healthy, living plant foods and ensure ongoing food security for all time. It also has the potential to help mitigate climate change and reverse global warming.

Composting to help grow increasing quantities of fruit and nut trees with herbs and vegetables companion-planted under and around them, and irrigating with minimum resources and maximum yield systems, is becoming the world’s most productive employment activity to help end hunger by providing healthy living foods for everyone.

Please share this thought-seeding strategy with your friends and families and be part of the solution to help accelerate Vision 2030 towards a world community of caring and sharing people living in good health, peace, happiness and abundance.

Earth Repair
Peace Rap
Earth Repair is in the air,
Feel it, Think it,
Live it, Yeah,
Beat the Drum, Boom,
Boom, Boom, Boom,
Beat the Drum for
Earth Repair

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

Grow Herbs and Vegies,
Nuts and Fruits,
Use Homemade Compost
on the Roots,
Plant Food Forests,
Clean the Air,
Save Old Forests

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

Peoples of the World
Feed the Hungry,
Make it Right,
Lay down weapons,
Live in Peace,
And Let the Global
conflicts Cease

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

A Safer World is
What We Need,
We can all Help
Sow the Seeds,
Get the Feeling,
Join the Movement,
Earth Repair for
World Improvement

Boom Boom – Boom Boom Boom

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

Direct Credit to Commonwealth Bank Australia, Account name: Earth Repair Foundation, BSB: 062-559  Account # 0090 5301 or fill in the form below.

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