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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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Join with these EARTH REPAIR CHARTER endorsers and like and share this Now-Age global solution strategy towards helping make the whole world great for everyone. Share

“I was thrilled to receive your Earth Repair Charter and all my best wishes are behind it”.

David Suzuki, David Suzuki Foundation

“The Earth Repair Charter’s unique approach is capable of uniting all people, communities, religions and nations in the common purpose of helping solve Earth’s environmental, social and economic dilemmas”.

Burnum Burnum, Australian Author, Activist & Actor, 1936-1997

“The Earth Repair Charter is helping us to be enlightened in our relationship with the Earth and compassionate to all beings”.

H.H. The Dalai Lama

“Life on Earth is at immediate risk and only implementing the Earth Repair Charter can save it”.

Richard Jones, Former MLC, Independent, NSW Parliament, Australia

“The Earth Repair Charter is clearly an idea whose time has come. It inspires hope and optimism for a safer, saner and healthier future for everyone. I recommend it be included in all educational institutions”.

Jenny Kee, Australian designer/artist

“The Earth Repair Charter is the way to help rescue the future from further ignorance and environmental degradation. Please promote the Charter to help create a safer, healthier and more peaceful world”.

Geoffrey BW Little JP, Australia’s Famous, International Smiling Policeman

“I consider that the Earth Repair Charter is self-evident as an achievable Global Solution Strategy. I urge every national government to adopt it as the priority within each country”.

Joanna Macy, PhD , Professor, Teacher, Author, Institute for Deep Ecology, USA

“I am pleased to say that the Earth Repair Charter represents the best possible path for everyone to consider. Best wishes, good luck”.

Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil and Past President of ACF

“I love the Earth Repair Charter and give it my whole hearted endorsement”.

Noni Hazelhurst, Australian Actor

“The Earth Repair Charter is, in our opinion, a document that can greatly contribute to improving the quality of life on this planet”.

Donald Rojas, World Council of Indigenous People, Canada

“The Earth Repair Charter is a blueprint for united action by the Parliaments of the world. Through increased global co-operation, the precepts of the Charter can be brought to fulfilment”.

Former MP, Maggie Deahm, Australian Parliament

“People everywhere must now unite and demand that all politicians and policy makers implement demilitarisation and the objectives of the Earth Repair Charter to ensure the survival of future generations”.

Jonathan Bevan, LLB, United Peoples Association, Australia

“The Earth Repair Charter has the capacity to galvanise action against the neglect by governments of that which should be most treasured - peace, justice and a healthy planet. I endorse it with great enthusiasm”.

Former Senator Lyn Allison, Australian Democrats

“The Earth Repair Charter is a visionary and exciting approach to solving the environmental and social crises facing the planet today. I’m proud to add my name to the list of supporters”.

Former Senator and Leader of Australian Greens, Dr Bob Brown

“The Earth Repair Charter is a visionary statement that educates, inspires and motivates actions for peace on Earth”

Dr Keith Suter, BA, PhD, Economic and Social Commentator

“People of all nations committing to this global solution strategy will regenerate the Earth’s beauty and richness, and allow quality life for all to become a sustainable reality”.

Dudley Leggett, Director, Sustainability Research Institute, Australia

“The Conflict Resolution Network endorses the Earth Repair Charter and will make every endeavour to help achieve its noble aims”.

Stella Cornelius, AO, OBE, Director, Conflict Resolution Network, 1919-2010

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

Direct Credit to Commonwealth Bank Australia, Account name: Earth Repair Foundation, BSB: 062-559  Account # 0090 5301 or fill in the form below.

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