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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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~ this is a charter from, by, and for the people, and for every government on earth ~


Respect and have compassion for all life on Earth. Engage with the wisdom of Indigenous Peoples and learn from their history, culture, and spiritual values; honour the inheritance and protection of traditional languages, knowledge, and sacred sites; support self-determination and sovereignty treaty rights worldwide; enable permanent representation of all the world’s Indigenous Nations and Peoples in all United Nations forums; recognize gender equality and respect all men, women, children, and elders; put into practice an International Bill of Human Rights.

Protect all natural heritage and biodiversity. Respect the Earth and take full responsibility for all our actions, realizing the interconnectedness of all life; protect in perpetuity and enable the regeneration of all remaining biodiverse, high-conservation value native forests and other natural heritage areas including lakes, rivers, and oceans; end the contamination of air, soil, and waterways by stopping the mass burning of coal, oil, and gas; accelerate training and employment programs to restore cleared and degraded ecosystems; plant and help grow increasing quantities of appropriate trees to draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change; preserve and maintain the genetic purity and diversity of seeds, plants, and animals in their natural habitats; implement a moratorium on genetically engineered crops which can interfere irreversibly with natural biodiversity; label accordingly all foods altered with GMO and DNA technologies.

Achieve ecologically sustainable development. Adopt the World’s Best Practices and reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize human consumption of Earth’s finite resources; provide adequate sustainable shelter to end homelessness; implement into all education systems reverence for nature, empathy, and creative thinking; cooperate locally and internationally to increasingly use new-clean renewable energy systems towards reducing greenhouse-gas emissions; disengage from nuclear industries and end uranium mining; increase the provision of and efficient use of public transport systems; support the international Rights-Of-Nature movement and respect all sentient beings; utilize environmentally responsible products, services, and deal only with materials manufactured or created within the principles of ecologically sustainable development; build local facilities for waste processing and recycling; ensure inter-generational equity by progressively planning ahead for the well-being of the next seven generations.

Acquire good health and immunity efficiency. Integrate a complementary and holistic approach with natural health care and medical sciences; practice letting our food be our medicine and our medicine being our food; attain and maintain physical and mental well-being by combining an optimistic attitude, adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrient-dense foods; eat and/or blend to drink plant-based, enzyme and antioxidant empowered, raw, living foods; remember, prevention is far better than cure; end all forms of bullying; stop the inhumane practice of under-age circumcision; take ‘me’ time to meditate and pray; abstain from overeating and health-reducing practices such as smoking tobacco, and excessive alcohol and drug abuse; implement into all education systems knowledge about essential life skills including first-aid, effective communication, personal self-development, and emotional intelligence; provide free family planning, birthing, and parenting advice; inspire everyone to realize their highest physical, mental, and spiritual potential.

Use permaculture to ensure food security for all. Establish efficient food and medicine gardens as productive permaculture learning and growing centres, in schools, home yards, parks, and at all prisons, and refugee and detention centres; supersede unsustainable monoculture, toxic pesticide use, and animal farming with high-yielding, diverse, local, resilient, and organic agricultural systems; propagate, plant, and help grow food-forests, inter-cropped with complementary and companion vegetation, in all appropriate urban and rural areas to produce fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, grains, hemp fibre, timber, and fuel to increase ethical employment and help end hunger and poverty; create eco-villages in every suburb; promote individual and community self-reliance through ecosystem restorations with local employment and exchange trading systems.

Practice composting to restore Earth’s soils. Produce valuable humus-soils for home, municipal, farm, and forestry use by composting all continuously available biodegradable materials; recycle used plastics into manufacturing increasing numbers of hygienic, aerobic, no-dig, conical shaped, composting bins for every home yard; breed increasing numbers of Earthworms to make humus-rich soil and help healthy food-forests grow organically in all appropriate places; treat sewage to irrigate trees and accumulate biomass; transition from mining Earth’s gas to capturing and utilizing biogas.

Base economic order on social justice. Promote equal opportunity for everyone; encourage ethical investing and demand that corporate business and governments put the welfare of people before profits and military spending; support achieving all sustainable development goals; forgive the debt burdens of impoverished countries; aim for fair resource distribution to satisfy the essential needs for all to live with health and dignity.

Resolve conflict with creative mediation. Learn, develop, and encourage the skills of conflict resolution; expedite participatory democracy between people and their elected governments and local councils; establish departments for peace within every government; replace opposition party politics with collaboration in all governments; nurture equality, love, respect, and understanding between individuals, genders, age groups, families, communities, cultures, and races; encourage all religions, faiths, nations, and peoples to live in harmony as one family, sharing the Earth as our common home; facilitate equal worldwide access to education resources and communication technologies; ensure freedom of speech for all; investigate all human rights violations; grant an international amnesty for all political prisoners; demand that the main news media be truthful, accurate, and responsible.

Transform the military to earth repair and peace. Redirect funding, expertise, and resources from all national military service sectors towards implementing environmental restoration programs to help solve Earth’s climate crisis; enable each country to participate in strengthening an International Global Peacekeeping Service to ensure worldwide security; decommission and eliminate all nuclear and biological armaments, depleted uranium, land mines, cluster bombs, and all weapons of mass destruction.

Unite with others to enhance the future for all. Contribute by helping achieve the local and global objectives of the Earth Repair Charter; raise awareness of this Solution Strategy that was adopted by the world’s first Global Earth Repair Summit/Conference that began in early 2019 in Washington State USA; support the campaign for All Nations to Unite and start a global food and tree growing race; network with education, religious, union, political, military, local councils, and community groups; treat planet Earth as common ground where all people can enjoy life in cooperation for love, unity, peace, and prosperity.

Started in 1990 and progressively refined up until May 2024.

Everyone on Earth would know about this Charter from two people in 34 days if they each share it with one new person a day for 34 days, and each person receiving the strategy shares it with one new person a day for the balance of the 34 days. Totals over 8 billion shares.

~ When enough people lead our leaders will follow ~

Produced by the Earth Repair Foundation with eternal gratitude to all contributors.

Earth Repair Foundation ~ ERF ~ PO Box 503, Katoomba NSW 2780 Australia.

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

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