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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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Cultivating Unity: A Vision for a Global Community-Driven Organic Revolution

In the grand tapestry of human history, certain moments emerge that defy the ordinary, captivating the imagination and challenging the status quo. Today, we find ourselves at the crossroads of such a moment, where an audacious proposal is set to reshape the very essence of how we relate to our planet and to each other. This is the story of a visionary proposition: the fusion of the wisdom of Indigenous First Nations Peoples and the innovative spirit of All Nations United (ANU) in the creation of a Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race. This proposition beckons us to abandon the age-old concept of an arms race and embrace a radical transformation—a sustainable revolution rooted in the principles and ethics of permaculture. In this exploration, we shall venture into the depths of this transformative vision, navigating through the realms of unity, sustainability, climate stability, and enduring food security.

**The Seed of Unity**

The proposal begins with a powerful message—unity. The call for Indigenous First Nations Peoples from around the world to unite with ANU is not merely a symbolic gesture but a profound recognition of the collective wisdom engrained in diverse cultures. It acknowledges that solutions to our most pressing global challenges require a harmonious blend of ancient knowledge and contemporary innovation. This partnership embodies a fusion of the ages—a collaboration that transcends borders, races, and backgrounds.

Indigenous First Nations Peoples have historically been the stewards of the Earth, nurturing a deep connection to the land and its resources. Their sustainable practices, passed down through generations, have sustained ecosystems for millennia. In contrast, ANU represents the evolving ethos of a global community, fostering innovation and cooperation to address the complex issues of our time. Together, they offer a holistic approach to healing our planet.

**Seeding Change Through Permaculture**

Central to this visionary proposal is the idea of a Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race. At its core, this concept challenges the prevailing paradigm of competition and conflict. Instead of investing in an arms race, we invest in a race to heal, nourish, and sustain our Earth. The battlegrounds shift from war-torn landscapes to the heart of our homes—the suburbs of towns and cities worldwide.

Permaculture, the guiding philosophy of this endeavor, provides the blueprint for this transformation. It beckons us to design our lives in harmony with nature, recognizing the interdependence of all living beings. In our home-yards, this approach manifests as a harmonious blend of organic food cultivation and tree planting, where every square foot is a canvas of abundance and ecological renewal.

**Nurturing Earth’s Climate**

The urgency of climate change casts a long shadow over the world’s future. The Global Community-Driven Organic Food and Tree Growing Race offers a glimmer of hope in this ever-darkening narrative. By reforesting our urban landscapes and cultivating organic, climate-resilient crops in our backyards, we take a vital step towards stabilizing the Earth’s climate.

Trees, nature’s carbon sequestration champions, stand as our allies in this endeavor. They not only absorb carbon dioxide but also mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events, reduce urban heat islands, and enhance local biodiversity. Moreover, the carbon-rich soils of permaculture gardens act as a powerful carbon sink, further mitigating the effects of climate change.

**Sustaining Food Security for All Generations**

Food security, a fundamental human right, is threatened by a myriad of factors, from changing weather patterns to resource depletion and economic disparities. The proposed race, however, offers a ray of optimism. By decentralizing food production and promoting organic practices, we empower communities to take charge of their nutritional destiny.

Permaculture principles advocate for the creation of resilient, diverse, and abundant ecosystems. In suburban home-yards, these principles translate into self-reliant food production systems that can weather the storms of uncertainty. A Global Community-Driven approach ensures that no one is left behind, as knowledge, resources, and support flow freely between nations.

**The Complexity of Hope**

In the realm of this visionary proposal, hope flourishes amidst the complexity of our world’s challenges. It challenges us to rethink our priorities, to step away from the brink of ecological disaster, and to embrace a future where unity, sustainability, climate stability, and food security are not elusive dreams but tangible realities.

This is not a conclusion but an invitation—an invitation to embark on a journey towards a brighter future, where the seeds of unity sprout into a flourishing tapestry of interconnected communities, where permaculture principles guide our footsteps, where we nurture the climate that sustains us, and where food security is a birthright for all generations to come. In this vision, we find perplexity and burstiness—a world where the improbable becomes the inevitable, and where the potential for change is boundless.

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A bubble, in a bubble, in a bubble

From the first time I blew a bubble, in a bubble, in a bubble, about 50 years ago, I have felt like Don Quixote realising the impossible dream and reaching the unreachable star.

This 19 second video introduces the ‘Now’ Mantra chant.

The following link summarises some of the results that have evolved from that time. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Thanks if you share this!

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Permaculture Design Certificates

This Thought-Seeding statement is prompting people of every nation to lobby all levels of their local, state and national governments, to enable the 72 hour curriculum of Permaculture learning to be integrated into all youth, refugee and asylum seeking detention centres. Also in correctional services facilities, refugee camps and Tent Cities for the Homeless. Further, the 72 hours of Permaculture learning, now more than ever, needs to be included in all schools, colleges and universities and all other institutes of education. This vital information can be learned over weeks, months and/or years. Anyone can begin learning from now, by browsing through the thousands of pages of picture stories and videos, by searching for Permaculture stories on Google! Efficient food and medicine gardens can be established as productive learning and growing centres in home and school yards, community gardens, detention centres and jails. Within a decade, increasing numbers of abundant food-forests and eco-villages will be growing in every country.

This will enable everyone to participate in earth repair actions for a sustainable and abundant future for everybody. Permaculture shows how to co-operate with all of Earth’s elements, species, climates and peoples, enabling everyone to live lives filled with absolute sustainable abundance in harmony with the Sun, the earth/soil, the wind and the rain. Please share this post with friends and family, community organisations, government ministers and social and mainstream media. Thank you.

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Global Earth Repair Summit

The Global Earth Repair Foundation is committed to spreading the knowledge of ecosystem restoration to manage the climate and heal the planet. Across the Earth, at the hands of thousands of nonprofit organisations and millions of people, habitats and biomass are being created and restored to health and resilience. We are aiding this movement through hosting conferences, workshops and classes, as well as producing educational content to spread the word to as many people as possible. By collaborating with some of the strongest voices in international ecosystem restoration and permaculture, we can deliver you and others the knowledge and practical skills needed to retain water, increase plant cover, green barren lands and restore the ecological functions of our landscapes.

For more information, please visit

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Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds as Street Art

Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration.

These could be adopted by towns and cities everywhere in any language and with potential to become a unique Blue Mountains export industry.

Download 56 Mind-Vitamins

The action was implemented as part of ‘Art Street’ just prior to the 2013 Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. The goal was to brighten dull-spots and appropriate empty spaces around the town, with colourful laminated placards of meaningful wise quotes.

The quotes were selected from community submissions and from sages through the ages. They are brief reminders of self-evident truths, practical knowledge and useful wisdom; clear, simple and easy for most people to understand. The quest is to share a wealth of universal wisdom to inspire beneficial outcomes for the many local people and tourists who visit this spectacular Blue Mountains City of Katoomba.

The purpose of Mind-Vitamin quotes is to help uplift moods, enhance optimism, increase positive mental health, eliminate anxiety, depression and pessimistic thinking, and help enable feelings of greater peace and happiness.

Places where Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds would be usefully displayed are on: public walls; railway stations; homes; schools; hospitals, factories, and community, youth, aged care and neighbourhood centres. If used in juvenile and refugee detention centres and adult correctional facilities, they would probably have a lasting beneficial impact on everyone who absorbs them.

The Mind Vitamin placards are artistically presented and laser printed on size A3 card, laminated and cleverly affixed up high and out of reach but still easily visible to passers by. They are simple and inexpensive to produce and put up. They are also easy to remove and/or replace by affixing the new art over the old. They radiate thought-provoking inspiration 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

A goal is for the Blue Mountains to set a precedent and motivate other towns and cities to emulate the example of this action. Translated into each language, Mind Vitamins could be brightening dull spots in cities and towns throughout the world.

Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds have the potential to enhance the overall graffiti image. It is a unique community advancement initiative beginning in this great Blue Mountains ‘City of the Arts’ amidst a glorious World Heritage National Park.

For the 2014 Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival, 42 new Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed placards were put up and many positive responses have already been reported. There are a number of people who are prepared to give testimonials in support of this innovative project at the time when we seek endorsement and sponsorship from the Blue Mountains City Council, local business owners, organisations and the community.

Suggestions for quotes or offers of support for this proposal, please contact Franklin Scarf on 0408 267 195 or

CLICK HERE to see 108 quotes being considered as Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds

Read about it via this FaceBook post.

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