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Earth Repair Mission Statement

• ERF motivates for world-wide adoption of the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2030 Global Solution Strategy to increasingly become the most prominent theme for this decade 2021 ~ 2030.

• ERF aspires to prompt people everywhere to learn about and adopt the world’s best practices to help implement a global food and tree growing race, instead of an arms race, for a sustainable and peaceful 21st Century.

• ERF promotes hygienic, aerobic, no-dig composting in home yards everywhere to help grow permaculture designed food-forests towards helping grow eco-villages throughout suburbs of towns and cities around the world.

• ERF invites partners and investors to help the completion and distribution of a multi-language sustainability learning poster into every school.

• ERF has developed a comprehensive Back From The Future 2030 movie outline designed to inspire, educate and motivate all present & future generations.

• ERF promotes through McNaturals International, the regular eating of nutrient-dense foods and drinks to enable everyone an opportunity to acquire good health and immunity efficiency.

• The Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) is an independent, self-funded, voluntary, non-government organisation (NGO), that was incorporated in Sydney Australia in 1987.  ERF continues to contribute to the global earth repair movement for community advancement and world improvement.

• Because ERF’s work is, and has always been 100% voluntary, we now need donations to help promote the earth repair solution-strategy around the world. Please contribute if you can and thanks in advance for doing so. DONATE

• ERF is an acronym that represents Earth Repair First, Earth Repair Family, Earth Repair Friends, and Earth Repair For a Fabulous Future.

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

Direct Credit to Commonwealth Bank Australia, Account name: Earth Repair Foundation, BSB: 062-559  Account # 0090 5301 or fill in the form below.

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