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VISION 2030 is thought-seeding to change the arms race to a global, community driven, organic food and tree growing race. 

By using permaculture principles and ethics and other proven best-practice systems, each of us and all humanity can participate in helping stabilise Earth’s climate and enable permanent food security for all present and future generations.

Composting and permaculture home organic food-forest gardening are among the primary cornerstones of the global earth repair movement and is how most people can participate.

Earth Repair or ‘Sense of Humus’ urban composting bins are hygienic, continuously aerobic, and are a no-dig system. The bins are made from 100% recycled plastics.



This thought-seeding art is 100% voluntary. Please donate to help spread the word …

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help rescue the forests with this

forest protection strategy

this was aspiring to be australia’s biggest ever public petition

News Release

The Earth Repair Foundation (ERF), an innovative environmental and community education organisation based in the Blue Mountains, is aiming to achieve Australia’s most signed petition. This petition calls for the permanent protection of all native forests and an ecologically sustainable future. The petition is already supported by more than 160 diverse community groups, union, business, environmental, indigenous, ethnic, religious and political organisations representing millions of Australians (see list of endorsees overleaf). The petition is seeking to collect over a million signatures.

The Forest Protection Petition outlines viable and achievable solutions aiming to protect in perpetuity, Australia’s irreplaceable high-conservation value native forests including old-growth and rainforests. It also recommends practical plantation strategies which can sustain the important pulp, paper and timber industries in Australia. The petition began in the early 90’s when a group of dedicated forest defenders began a Fast for the Forests on Macquarie Street, Sydney in front of NSW Parliament House. Two individuals fasted for over 30 days as a personal protest and the action ran for 60 days. Since that time the petition has gained an unprecedented support base and aims to be the most influential petition in Australia’s history. It advocates a long-term approach to ecologically-sustainable forestry practices, by assisting rural communities with much-needed employment in developing plantation timbers and annual fibre crops and effectively ‘reaping only what we sow’.

It is a well-known fact that Australia’s native forests are being sacrificed to export woodchips to Japan and other countries, while those countries preserve their own native forests as national treasures.

The petition requests that The Parliament legislates to progressively transfer expertise and resources from all military sectors to help implement tree planting and food growing solutions, and to motivate the international community to follow this example.

Australia, as a signatory to the United Nations Biodiversity Convention, is committed to protect the fauna and flora unique to our native forests. Any government’s acceptance of the further destruction of our beautiful Australian native forests for short-term economic gain, is ecologically and economically indefensible; it is stealing an ancient heritage from future generations.

Australia’s forests and wilderness have always been an integral part of Aboriginal life and are still interrelated with the culture of Australia’s traditional owners. “It is not only an issue of ecology, but one of human rights and cultural survival”. (NSW Aboriginal Land Council).

You can help by signing and networking this petition and presenting it periodically to the Federal House of Representatives. It can be adapted and addressed to the Legislative Councils and Legislative Assemblies of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australian Parliaments. Make it known to the community via the media and share your campaign history, feats and challenges associated with the protection of native forests.

The legendry Dr Richard St Barbe Baker, Founder, Children of the Green Earth quoted: “It is not only very important to keep the forests we have, but that companion planting and helping grow increasing quantities of appropriate trees, is the scientific solution to Earth’s environment dilemma”.

This is an opportunity for Australian Governments to demonstrate responsible and exemplary environmental leadership by adopting the World’s Best Practices for Australia’s forests.

For further information, contact the Earth Repair Foundation,
PO Box 503, Katoomba, NSW, 2780. Phone: 0408 267 195,
Email: Internet:
Please help network this forest protection strategy. Thank you.

NOTE: the Australian Federal Government changed the rules on Petitions so this story and effort was seen by less people than anticipated.

The Forest Protection Petition is addressed to The Honourable Speaker and
Members of The House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament Assembled


For the permanent protection of native forests and all other areas of high conservation value, and for the implementation of tree plantation strategies.

This petition from the undersigned respectfully points out that: there is an increasing and urgent demand from the people, to protect all remaining high conservation value native forests which support flora and fauna unique to Australia, thus complying with the United Nations Biodiversity Convention to which Australia is a signatory. We have a responsibility to future and present generations, and the necessary reasons, knowledge and technology to act now on the following achievable solutions.

Your petitioners therefore request that the Australian federal governments legislate to:

– immediately stop logging and woodchipping activities in all high conservation value native forests;

– ensure inter-generational equity by planning for the rights of future generations, and protect in perpetuity all biologically diverse
native forests, wilderness, rainforests and critical habitats of endangered species;

– facilitate rapid transition of the timber industry from harvesting high conservation value native forests to establishing mixed-species farm forestry on existing cleared and degraded lands using natural composting and modern re-mineralization methods to revitalise the soils;

– maximise use of readily-available plantation timber for industry needs, using appropriate forestry techniques and progressive minimal-waste processing methods, such as radial sawing, and wherever possible, reuse and recycle wood and paper products;

– support employment incentives for nationwide adoption and use of permaculture principles to propagate, plant and help grow an abundance of food and medicine forests everywhere possible;

– encourage sensitively-managed, environmental education tourism in appropriate forest areas, with full respect for natural ecosystems, Aboriginal cultural heritage, sacred sites and other sites of significance;

– progressively transfer expertise and resources from the military sector to help implement these
tree growing solutions, and to motivate the international community to follow this example.

[World-wide military spending is currently over US$160 million every hour. Daily, thousands of people die from lack of
basic needs, while millions of people are deprived of clean water, food, shelter, and health care.]


• Aboriginal Gallery of Dreaming, VIC;
• Academy of Natural Therapies; • Aidwatch;
• Albury Wodonga Environment Centre;
• Australian Conservation Foundation;
• Australian Democrats;
• Australian Complementary Health Assoc;
• Australian Education Union (Fed) (SA) (TAS);
• Australian Electric Vehicles Association Inc;
• Australian Greens (VIC);
• Australian Lebanese Environment Fndn;
• Australian Natural Therapists Assoc Ltd;
• A Better Future For Our Children Party;
• Bay Rescue Mordialloc Inc;
• Bega Environment Network Centre;
• Big Scrub Environment Centre;
• Black Rainbow Printing Co;
• Blue Mountains Conservation Society;
• BM Human Rights & Environment Centre;
• BM Aboriginal Culture & Resource Centre;
• Buddhist Peace Fellowship;
• Bush Tucker Supply Australia;
• Byron Environment Centre;
• Byron Regional Co-operative;
• Byron Shire Echo Newspaper;
• Caldera Environment Centre;
• Catholic Earth Care Australia;
• Central Coast Peace Forum; • CERES;
• Children of the Green Earth;
• Christians for the Environment;
• Clarence Environment Centre;
• Colong Foundation for Wilderness;
• Community Lands Access Network Inc (CLAN);
• Concerned Citizens of East Gippsland;
• Conservation Council of the South East
Region and Canberra; • Dance Nomad;
• Denmark WA Environment Centre;
• Denmark WA Conservation Society;
• Earth Repair Foundation; • Embodied Earth;
• Environs Australia; • EarthSave Australia;
• Ecology Action Group RMIT;
• Ecopaper Pty Ltd; • Ecostream Pty Ltd;
• Environment Victoria;
• Fitzroy Primary School;
• Flow Form Furniture Factory;
• Forest Activist Network, Blue Mountains;
• Friends Of Earth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane;
• Global Action Network;
• Goongerah Environment Centre;
• Green Connections; • Green Left Weekly;
• Green Games Watch 2000;
• Greenpeace Australia;
• Greenspot – Green Books; • Harley Heaven;
• Hon Ian Cohen, MLC, NSW Greens;
• Hon Richard Jones, Former MLC, NSW Parl’mnt;
• Humane Society International;
• International Rangers Association Inc;
• Int’nl Society for Krishna Consciousness;
• Islamic Council of NSW;
• Jack Lim Qigong Academy;
• Jewish National Fund of Australia;
• Ken Davis Music International;
• King Valley Tree Farm – Symbioeco;
• Kingston Conservation & Env. Coalition Inc;
• LETS Blue Mountains Inc;
• Lunasol; •Mirasol;
• Macquarie University Union;
• MagnaCare Pty Ltd; • Mac Advice;
• Mas Mediation and Advocacy Services, VIC;
• Medical Practice in Psychiatry;
• Melbourne College of Natural Medicine;
• Melbourne Uni. Student Union Env. Dept;
• Monash Environment Group;
• Monash Uni. Env. Engineering Society;
• Monash Student Association (Clayton) Inc;
• Mountain Designs;
• National Parks Association of NSW;
• National Union of Students; • NUS NSW;
• Native Forest Network;
• Native Tree Plantation Action Group;
• Natural Health Society;
• Nature Care College; • Nexus Magazine;
• Nature Conservation Council of NSW;
• Nature’s Energy Natural Therapy Centre;
• Nimbin Environment Centre;
• NSW Aboriginal Land Council;
• Ngunnawal Aboriginal Land Council (ACT);
• NSW Teachers Federation;
• North Coast Environment Council Inc;
• North East Forest Alliance;
• Organic Growers’ Association (NSW);
• Patagonia Australia;
• Permaculture International;
• Planet Ark Environmental Foundation;
• Planetary Naturals Australia;
• Port Phillip Eco Centre;
• Queensland Paulownia Forests Limited;
• RMIT Student Union;
• Radcon Radial Timber Australia;
• Rainforest Information Centre;
• Sedona Journal of Emergence;
• Seed Savers’ Network;
• Senators Bob Brown and Dee Margetts;
• Society of Australian Songwriters;
• Southern Cross University, SRC;
• Southern School of Natural Therapies;
• Surfrider Foundation;
• Sustainability Research Institute;
• Sutherland Shire Environment Centre;
• The Body Shop;
• The Bush Club Inc;
• The Greenline Organic Distributers;
• The Wayside Chapel;
• The Weekend News;
• The Wilderness Society; • TWS Illawarra
• Timbarra Protection Coalition;
• Total Environment Centre;
• Toxin Action Group;
• Tree Tops Environment Centres;
• Trust for Nature;
• United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc;
• United Peoples Association (Australia);
• Uniting Church Australia, Committee for Social
Responsiblity and Justice;
• Union of Australian Women;
• Universal Insights;
• University of Sydney, SRC;
• University of Technology Sydney,
Students Association;
• University of Western Sydney,
Hawkesbury Students Association;
• University of Wollongong, Students Assn;
• Vegan International (Australia);
• Victorian Governance Assn. (Clayton) Inc;
• Volunteering Victoria;
• Wild Life Preservation Society of Australia;
• Wingham Forest Action;
• Wombat Forest Society;
• Wombat Regional Environment Centre.

All are invited to participate in helping advance this voluntary initiative.  By donating to help this work continue, you are investing into a more sustainable and  peaceful future.

Thanks in advance  for any small or large contribution.  Please subscribe and be in touch. 

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