Some Earth Repair Charter Endorsements

This timely NOW AGE
global solution strategy
has already started to help
make the whole world
great for everyone.


Learning about this Earth Repair Charter Now Age Strategy in the morning, would allow you or anyone to realise by the evening, that the future unity, peace, safety, enlightenment and sustainability for all humanity has been ensured, simply by the very existence of this global solution strategy.

As the Earth Repair theme grows and spreads throughout the world, increasingly, people become Now Age solution strategists adopting attitudes of positive optimism, finding opportunities in difficulties, and transforming problems into solutions.

Optimistic nowist thinking is always remembering to look on the positive side of life with an attitude of gratitude for the myriad gifts that we all continuously receive from the infinite and eternal universe.

Optimism helps us find the good and positive in everyone and everything and supports us in meeting the inevitable challenges of every day.  It is a practical way of looking at life that helps one attain and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good health. Click the Vision 2020 Statement to see a larger size.

In the quest to make the rest of our lives the best possible, consider including more optimism and gratitude into every thought and action. This enables one to celebrate and enjoy the latest time as the best time knowing that even better is yet to come.

This realisation has the potential to be the catalyst to unite all people, communities, religions and nations in the common purpose, of co-operating to repair the Earth and attaining and maintaining inner and world peace.

Humanity has evolved from the Old Age, through the New Age, and the Now Age has started and will continue forever because now is all there is.

As the objectives of this Earth Repair Charter Now Age solution strategy are progressively recognised to be practical, feasible, achievable and imminent, the initiative exponentially self-perpetuates so inner and world peace is within the reach of all. There’ll be not one left behind because we all are one!

Towards enhancing life on Earth for everyone, during this latest period in the history of the universe, 2017-2020, humanity begins to adopt the Earth Repair Charter as a global solution strategy.

The Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) was incorporated in Sydney Australia in 1987 and is an independent, voluntary, self-funded, non-government organisation (NGO). All the solutions proposed by ERF have been created on a 100% voluntary basis.

ERF has co-ordinated development of the Earth Repair Charter and is aspiring for its world-wide adoption.

The Charter is the result of intensive research and careful definition in consultation with educators, indigenous councils, scientists, environmentalists, spiritual leaders, wise elders and others committed to world improvement.

The Charter is a practical blueprint for a global action plan comprising feasible and achievable solutions for a future without war and the peoples of Earth united in peace. It’s a Now Age Manifesto for Inner and World Peace.

Disclaimer: A note to all visitors! This site is still work-in-progress and perhaps everything is not fully perfected yet. Please be understanding and patient and know that as ERF grows, our best is yet to come. Voluntary participation in helping further develop and promote this website is invited and welcomed. 

Enjoy these beautiful Smiles from the Blue Mountains, alternating with some Thought-Seed Mind-Vitamins
to help make the World happier.


The Blue Mountains initiated Earth Repair Charter has gone global!


Discover the many outstanding presentations, events and videos. Future Global Earth Repair Conferences are planned for South and Central America and Mexico for 2020, Africa for 2021, India in 2022. There is also a quest to hold a Conference in Australia in 2020. See

The amazing science and personal stories that these visionaries, indigenous leaders, activists, teachers, artists, writers and accomplished earth-repairers shared with us changed a story of hopelessness and sadness into one of action and inspiration. We CAN come together to bring stability to the planet and abundance to the people and to nature, all at the same time. We see this world as a living interconnected being.

Big gratitude to Michael Pilarski and and his Team for initiating the World’s first Global Earth Repair Conference on 3-5 May 2019, in the Pacific NorthWest of Washington State, Port Townsend, USA.  

Consider helping this Now Age Earth Repair solution strategy to grow, directly or indirectly. It would be a valuable investment in helping create a sustainable and abundant future for all on Earth.


Be part of the solution and support the Earth Repair Foundation

We are a 100% voluntary organisation.

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ERF WORM ~ The Earth Repair Foundation’s Official Mascot says:
“What The World Needs Now Is A Sense Of Humus”. 

ERF prompts everyone to think Earth Repair First and compost instead of waste to breed Earth worms and make humus-soil.

As ERF grows, its best is yet to come! The acronym ERF also represents Earth Repair Family of Friends, Earth Repair First, Earth Repair Festivals, Earth Repair Funds, Fun, and a Fabulous Future.

Sense Of Humus composting

Watch this 110 second video on Sense Of Humus composting made by Mic Galvin and Team from the Green Army, with the backing of a timely, important and fabulous song by Evie Pikler called What The World Needs Now Is A Sense Of Humus. 🙂

Be here now and participate in the movement for world improvement.

No matter what your culture or religion, or what you have experienced previously in your life, we invite and encourage you to adopt optimism now and enjoy the love, freedom, peace and happiness that you deserve, long into the future.

In all the history of the universe, there has never been, and never will be, anyone else exactly like you. Each of us is one of more than seven billion other unique, human kindred spirits living on planet Earth, questing to attain and maintain inner and world peace.

Each of us is an original, unrepeatable, valuable and important member of a great family of spiritual beings, being humans, living on planet Earth here in the infinity of space, and now in the eternity of time.

Essentially, we are like falling raindrops splashing into an ocean and immediately becoming the whole ocean. We are inlets to an ocean of infinite and eternal universal mind.

We all have within our minds, an unlimited place of inner space. An inner-screen we watch with our third-eye, an imagination, and eternal dreaming capabilities that can enable access to supreme realms of conscious self-realisation.

The following self-evident truths tell much. Milton wrote: ‘Mind is its own place and, in itself, can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven”. Auden wrote, ‘The centre that I cannot find, is known to my unconscious mind, I have no reason to despair because I am already there’.

While you are reading these words, our beautiful Mother Earth, with all of us on it, is gracefully travelling through space in orbit around the Sun at almost 108,000 kilometres every hour while also spinning on our own axis at around 1600 kilometres an hour. Earth is part of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy in the infinite universe.

Each of us is alive for such a short period that to spend any time in conflict or at war, is illogical and irreverent to life. Together, we can end the culture of terrorism and war and co-create a culture of peace to last for all time! Click here for a poster about Vision 2020.

There is a campaign advancing for a Global Earth Repair Summit before the end of year 2020. Watch this video: 

OurEarth Project Promotional Video

In the quest to ensure humanity’s ongoing food security and to end hunger once and for all, it’s a matter for everyone to learn more about the best ways to co-operate with the Sun, the earth, the wind and the rain, and using permaculture principles and ethics, to enable an abundance of food-forests to be organically growing in suburban home yards and all other appropriate places, asap. We the peoples, have the potential to co-create a world where everyone achieves maximum benefits that last for the longest time.

As the Vision 2020 now age solution strategy is implemented, an abundance of resources will progressively become available to invest in enhancing life on Earth for all.

To help this initiative grow we invite you to be and Earth Repair Sponsor.

The eight Gold framed images shown on this page are available on request as radiant Poster-Cards.

They are for displaying where they can be easily seen to brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration. They are gifts that keep on giving. We encourage you to share them with family and friends.

ERF is aligned with the Blue Mountains Branch of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. Click here to see UNAA NSW Inc’s website or click here to see UNAA NSW on FaceBook.

Participation is invited, especially from individuals who can recognise the value in this optimistic, practical and achievable, artistic expression of creative visioning

Thanks in anticipation of you being part of this timely, local and global solution strategy.

The ERF Team

Note: Editorial comments to strengthen this now age strategy are invited and welcomed. Volunteers with enthusiasm who may be inspired to help, please click this link or call 0408 267 195

As the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 Now Age Global Solution Strategy self-perpetuates, there will be an abundance of funding, resources and personnel available to invest in enhancing life on Earth for everyone, BY:

• Ending racial and religious tensions by recognising our one humanity and righting all wrongs; Click here to read the Plan For Peace.

• Establishing a Department or Ministry for Peace in every government to help resolve conflict with creative mediation, Click to see a printable Global Petition or Click HERE to sign an online global petition.

• Investigating corrupt governments and corporations and exposing and overturning wrong behaviour in order to implement truly ethical solutions for humanity’s problems;

• Providing compassionate health-care and self-help education in medicinal foods and natural preventive medicines and therapies;

• Implementing organic gardening and permaculture principles and ethics in the curriculum of every school;

• Establishing productive permaculture designed food-forests in all appropriate places;

• Ending starvation and malnutrition;

• Retiring developing nation’s  debts;

• Providing safe clean water for all; (This can be achieved by creating large-scale solar and renewable-energy powered desalination plants and pumping stations in strategic locations throughout the world, then piping the purified water to arid areas so garden food-forests can be helped to grow in increasing abundance to feed the world. To be funded by the reduction of military spending).

• Composting all the continuously available bio-degradable materials to breed earth worms and make humus-soil;

• Recycling plastics to make hygienic, aerobic, no-dig Composting Bins for every home yard; Click here to watch a two minute video called:  ‘What the World Needs Now is a Sense of Humus’.

• Treating sewage to make safe compost to help trees grow; “Planting and growing increasing quantities of appropriate trees, is the scientific solution to Earth’s environmental dilemma”. Dr Richard St Barbe Baker, QBE, LL.D, Internationally renowned ‘Man of the Trees’.

• Defending all original native forests and accelerating plantation forestry; Click here to read ERF’s Forest Protection Strategy.

• Accelerating plantation forestry;

• Implementing only renewable energy systems;

• Ending homelessness world-wide;

• Establishing democracies globally; 

• Investing only in safe, renewable, world’s best practice, energy production systems;

• Promoting the conversion of all money to be currency for peace, love, freedom and happiness for all.

• Supporting the action of affixing Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed placards onto public walls in towns and cities brightening dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration; Click here to read this story. 

• Providing free natural family planning education for a stable population;

• Preventing soil erosion;

• Retiring developing nation’s debts;

• Solving concerns about chem-trails, acid rain and fluoridated water;

• Reducing global warming;

• Correcting climate change;

• Enabling Indigenous peoples worldwide to unite to ensure protection of all original and remaining, high-conservation value native forests and all other valuable, traditional and sacred areas;

• Ending ozone depletion;

• Banning all nuclear weapons;

• Eradicating all land mines;

• Solving illiteracy;

• Conserving Bio-Diversity;

• Ending domestic and all violence;

• Declaring peace on Earth for all time.

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