nowage-clickWe are all here on Mother Earth now, speeding through space in orbit around the Sun at almost 108,000 kilometres an hour while also spinning on her own axis at 1600 kilometres an hour.  Earth is part of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy in the infinite universe.

Each of us is alive for such a short period that to spend any time engaged in conflict and war is illogical and irreverent to life. Together, we can end the culture of terrorism and war and co-create a culture of peace that will last for all time!MilkyWayGalaxy-sm
The Earth Repair Foundation was incorporated in Sydney Australia in 1987 and is an independent, voluntary, self-funded, non-government organisation (NGO) dedicated to prompting the global adoption of positive optimism and innovative solution strategies for a sustainable peaceful future.

During the last three decades, ERF has researched and defined many achievable solutions resulting in a practical blueprint called the Earth Repair Charter Global Solution Strategy. The Charter has received widespread acclaim and endorsement. Click the Charter above to read details.

movie-outline-click2The Charter and Vision 2020 strategy are the result of intensive research and careful definition in consultation with educators, indigenous councils, scientists, environmentalists, spiritual leaders, wise elders and others committed to world improvement.

It is a global action plan for a future without war and the people of Earth united in peace. Click the Movie Outline or here to see how the next four years can be for planet Earth and its inhabitants. This is Now Age Prophesy.

ERF is committed to the movement for world improvement. Volunteers to help network earth repair solutions on internet, are invited and welcomed, or consider participating in implementing various timely initiatives that can be discovered by browsing through these progressively expanding pages.

newlogoERF is aligned with the Blue Mountains Branch of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. Click here to see UNAA NSW Inc’s website or click here to see UNAA NSW on FaceBook.

As ERF grows, its best is yet to come! The acronym ERF, also can represent Earth Repair Family, Friends, Fun, Finances, Festivals, and a Fabulous Future.

Participation is invited, especially from individuals who can recognise the value in this optimistic, practical and achievable, artistic expression of creative visioning.

We run all of our initiatives on volunteerism, in other words we are 100% voluntary. Please consider being a supporter with any small or large donation of skills or funds. Every contribution helps ERF grow! Click here to see an Invitation to potential Volunteers.

Thanks in anticipation of you being part of this timely and achievable local and global solution strategy.

Financial donations are invited, welcomed and gratefully appreciated. If you are able to contribute, it would be an investment in a strategy to promote a safer, saner, healthier and happier future for all.

The ERF Team

ERF WORM  ERF Worm, the Earth Repair Foundation’s Official Mascot says:
‘Compost, Instead of Waste, Make Humus-Soil,
Growing Food is Play, Not Toil’.

ERF invites you to watch this 110 second video on Sense Of Humus composting by Mic Galvin of the Green Army Team with the backing of a timely and important 98 second song by Evie Pikler called:
‘What The World Needs Now Is A Sense Of Humus’.

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