Three Point Solution Proposal for Future Out-of-Control Forest Fires

The devastating global-warming fires progressively raging in Australia and numerous other parts of the world at this time, destroying lives, properties, forests and wild life, are causing great tragedy for many and effecting us all.

This situation necessitates the finding and implementing of a lateral and global response. Unprecedented and innovative solutions can be found!


 1. The proposal is that the Australian and every other national government, create specialised sectors within their departments of defence to assist the many heroic fire-fighters world-wide to help strengthen humanity’s collective eco-defense capabilities. 

2. Budgets need to be urgently allocated to create fleets of the most efficient, water bombing aircraft to be based in strategic locations around the world ready to respond to large scale fire outbreaks.  This is a matter of urgent priority!


3. That military air forces of every nation focus on building or converting suitable aircraft to effectively water-bomb out-of-control fires. Some houses that were water bombed in Australia in recent fires avoided destruction.


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