InnerPeace Increasingly throughout the world, people are adopting attitudes of positive optimism and finding opportunities in difficulties, and transforming problems into solutions.

Positive optimism and an attitude of gratitude is always remembering to look on the bright side of life. It helps us find the good in everyone.

As more and more people awaken to the benefits of continuous optimism, they discover inner peace is nearer than they had realised.

This realisation has the potential to unite all people, communities, religions and nations in a common productive and peaceful purpose.

In order to make the rest of our lives the best possible, consider including gratitude into every thought and action. By this practice we then have good reason to celebrate and enjoy the latest time as the best time so far, knowing that even better is possible. We could aim for our last breath to be our best one, and every breath and moment between now and then an improvement on the previous.


So, no matter what your culture or religion, we invite and encourage you to adopt optimism to help you enjoy the love, freedom, peace and happiness that you deserve long into the future.

Optimism not only helps us to positively meet the inevitable challenges of everyday life, it is a powerful tool to help attain and maintain physical, mental and spiritual good health.

Humanity has evolved from the Old Age, through the New Age,  and the Now Age has started and will never end, because Now Is All There Is.

As the Now World Order progressively spreads throughout the nations, people enjoy positive optimism and the latest time as the best time so far.

Each of us is a unique, original, unrepeatable, valuable and important member of a great family of spiritual beings, being humans, living here on planet Earth in the infinity of space, and now in the eternity of time.

PeaceNowWhile you are reading these words, our beautiful planet Earth, with all of us on it, is gracefully travelling through space in orbit around the Sun at almost 108,000 kilometres every hour.

In all the history of the universe, there has never been, and never will be, anyone else exactly like you. Each of us is one of more than seven billion other unique, human kindred spirits living on planet Earth, questing to attain and maintain inner and world peace.

Essentially, we are spiritual beings being humans. Each one of us is like a falling raindrop splashing into an ocean and immediately being the whole ocean. We are inlets to an ocean of universal mind.

During this long awaited Now World Order, humanity adopts the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 global solution strategy and the following results are progressively achieved:

• A transition begins from a military economy to a permaculture economy. An ancient prediction says: ‘Nations will not learn war any more’. Now everyone can learn permaculture and help humanity ensure ongoing food security to end hunger and unemployment for all time.




world-love3During the Now World Order, the One World One Love theme unites people, communities, religions and nations in kindness, joy, caring, sharing, equanimity, respect and compassion. Then, love is all we’d need.

United, we the peoples, have the potential to co-create a world where everyone achieves great benefits that last for the longest time.




vision-2020-final2-2016As the Vision 2020 earth repair solution strategy is implemented, an abundance of personnel and resources will be available to invest in enhancing life on Earth for everyone. Together we can: 

• Establish a Department or Ministry for Peace in every government to help everyone resolve conflict through constructive mediation;

• End starvation and malnutrition;

• Provide free health-care and natural therapy education;

• Implement learning organic gardening and permaculture principles and ethics in every school;

• End homelessness world-wide;

• Compost all available bio-degradable materials into earth worms and humus-rich soil;

• Establish permaculture designed food-forests in all appropriate places possible;

• Accelerate plantation forestry;

• Invest only in safe renewable world’s best practice energy systems;

• Provide family planning education for a stable population;

• Prevent soil erosion;

• Provide safe clean water for all by creating large-scale solar and renewable-energy powered desalination plants and pumping stations in strategic locations throughout the world, then piping the purified water to arid areas so garden food-forests can be grown in increasing abundance to feed the world;

• Retire developing nation’s debts;

• Stop racial and religious tensions by recognising our one humanity;

• Protect all original, high-conservation value native forests;

• Eliminate acid rain, chem-trails and fluoridated water;

• Reduce global warming;

• Stop ozone depletion;

• Ban nuclear weapons;

• Eradicate all land mines;

• Eliminate illiteracy;

• Conserve Bio-diversity;

• Declare world peace that lasts forever.

Help network this Now World Order statement, the Earth Repair Charter, and the Imagine Back From The Future Movie Outline. See

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Revision: 25th September, 2016

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