Without a vision, people can perish.


Learning about this Now Age Solution Strategy in the morning would allow you, or anyone, to die happily in the evening.

This is because you’d realise that the future unity, peace, safety, enlightenment and sustainability for all humanity, is ensured.

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As the strategy spreads throughout the world, increasingly, people are becoming Now Age solution strategists and adopting attitudes of positive optimism, finding opportunities in difficulties, and transforming problems into solutions.

Optimism is remembering to always look on the bright side of life with an attitude of gratitude,. It helps us find the good in everyone and everything. Optimism helps support us to meet the inevitable challenges of every day.  It is a positive way of looking at life and it helps one attain and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good health.



In order to make the rest of our lives the best possible, consider including optimism and gratitude into every thought and action. By this practice we then have good reason to celebrate, and enjoy the latest time as the best time so far knowing that even better is yet to come.

As more and more people awaken to the benefits of continuous optimism, they discover that true inner peace is nearer than they had realised. Some say, it is ‘nearer than hands and feet and closer than breathing’.




This realisation has the potential to unite all people, communities, religions and nations in a mutual interest and peaceful purpose.

Humanity has evolved from the Old Age, through the New Age,  and the Now Age has started and will continue forever because, now is all there is.

As the objectives of this Now Age Solution-Strategy are progressively recognised to be feasible, achievable and imminent, the strategy self-perpetuates and expands so inner and world peace is within the reach of everyone.





The One World One Love theme is an idea who’s time has come.

Love is the infinite and eternal oneness we can all know.

Love unites people in co-operation, kindness, joy, caring, sharing, equanimity, respect, compassion and peace.

Love is all we need.





So, no matter what your culture or religion, or what you have experienced previously in your life, we invite and encourage you to adopt optimism now and enjoy the love, freedom, peace and happiness that you deserve, long into the future.

In all the history of the universe, there has never been, and never will be, anyone else exactly like you. Each of us is one of more than seven billion other unique, human kindred spirits living on planet Earth, questing to attain and maintain inner and world peace.


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.53.51 am

Each one of us is an original, unrepeatable, valuable and important member of a great family of spiritual beings, being humans, living here on planet Earth in the infinity of space and now in the eternity of time.



Essentially, each one of us is like a falling raindrop splashing into an ocean and immediately becoming the whole ocean. We are inlets to an ocean of infinite and eternal universal mind.

We all have within our minds, an unlimited magical place of inner space. An inner screen, a third eye, an imagination that can access supreme realms of conscious self-realisation.


The following self-evident truths tell much. Albert Einstein wrote the “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  Milton wrote: ‘The mind is its own place and, in itself, can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven”. Auden wrote, ‘The centre that I cannot find, is known to my uncoscious mind, I have no reason to despair because I am already there’.

While you are reading these words, our beautiful planet Earth, with all of us on it, is gracefully travelling through space in orbit around the Sun at almost 108,000 kilometres every hour.



During this long awaited solution strategy, humanity adopts the Earth Repair Charter to enhance life on Earth for everyone.

Click here to read a six-page file showing the Charter, seventeen Endorsements, a brilliant poster for a whole system change, and a movie outline called ‘Imagine Back From The Future’.

These statements propose that the objectives stated in this solution strategy are feasible and achievable.

Click here to see a two-page movie outline called ‘Imagine Back From The Future’ that logically shows how inner and world peace are just a movie away. What is now proven was once only imagined.




In the quest to ensure humanity’s ongoing food security and to end hunger for all time, it’s a matter for everyone to learn more about the best ways to co-operate with the Sun, the earth, the wind and the rain using permaculture principles, to enable an abundance of food-forests to be organically growing in suburban home yards and all other appropriate places possible.

We the peoples, have the potential to co-create a world where everyone achieves great benefits that last for the longest time.

As the Vision 2020 now age solution strategy is implemented, an abundance of personnel  and resources will progressively become available to invest in enhancing life on Earth for everyone.

There is a campaign progressing for a Global Earth Repair Summit in 2020. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMN9rLwMwg0#t=165


In the meantime, until the soon to be historic year 2020 arrives, together we can:

mvtsemblem4• Lobby to establish a Department or Ministry for Peace in every government to help resolve conflict with constructive mediation, Click to see the Global Petition ;

• Stop racial and religious tensions by recognising our one humanity; Click here to read the Plan For Peace.

• Investigate corrupt governments and corporations and expose and overturn wrong behaviour in order to implement ethical solutions for humanity’s problems;

• Provide free health-care, and education in medicinal foods and natural therapies;

• Include learning organic gardening and permaculture principles and ethics in the curriculum of every school;

• Solve homelessness world-wide;

• Provide safe clean water for all; (This can be done by creating large-scale solar and renewable-energy powered desalination plants and pumping stations in strategic locations throughout the world, and piping the purified water to arid areas so garden food-forests can be growing in increasing abundance to feed the world. This will be funded by the reduction of military spending).

mvtsemblem6• Compost all available bio-degradable materials into earth worms and humus-rich soil; Click here to watch a two minute video called:  ‘What the World Needs Now is a Sense of Humus’.

• Establish permaculture designed food-forests in all appropriate places possible;

• End world hunger;

• Defend all original native forests and accelerate plantation forestry; Click here to read ERF’s Forest Protection Strategy.

• Invest only in safe, renewable, world’s best practice, energy production systems;

• Convert all money to currency for peace, love and happiness for all.

• Support the action of affixing Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed placards onto public walls in towns and cities brightening dull spots with continuously reacting inspiration;

• Provide natural family planning education for a stable population;

• Prevent soil erosion;

• Retire developing nation’s debts;

• Stop chem-trails, acid rain and fluoridated water;

• Reduce global warming;

mvtsemblem8• Indigenous people worldwide unite to ensure protection of all original and remaining, high-conservation value native forests and other important and valuable, traditional and sacred areas;

• Stop ozone depletion;

• Ban nuclear weapons;

• Eradicate all land mines;

• Eliminate illiteracy;

• Conserve Bio-diversity;

• Declare world peace that lasts forever.


To help this initiative grow we invite you to participate in ERF’s Crowd Funding Campaign.

mvts-stickers-poster-a4The eight rainbow framed images shown on this page are available on request as vinyl stickers and/or poster-cards.

These are for displaying where easily seen so they can brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration as gifts that keep on giving. Thought-seeds to share with family and friends.

If you donate $18 AUD you will receive a set of eight Poster-Cards

If you donate $24 AUD You will receive a set of poster-card size, durable Vinyl Stickers.

Free home delivery to anywhere in the world. See earthrepair.net

Enquiries to buy and/or sell Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed stickers or poster-cards can be made by writing to info@earthrepair.net  Subject: Mind-Vitamins

Revision: 20th October, 2016

Help enhance the future by promoting this Now Age Solution Strategy with the media and your local, state and federal politicians. Thank you.

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