One World Peace Poster
or Seeds for a whole system change

The Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) includes the rainbow in these emblems for peace to accentuate the theme of the Hopi prophesy that predicts ‘A time will come when a tribe of Rainbow Warriors will emerge as peacemaking protectors of the world’s environment’. We can all be part of this theme.

Behind each emblem there is a practical, feasible and achievable solution-strategy with carefully developed projects and campaigns designed to help the maximum number of people to achieve the greatest benefits that will last for the longest time.

This Seeds For Peace poster can help increase conscious awareness and motivate action towards achievable goals. It  also helps raise funds for practical earth repair action projects and innovative initiatives for inner and world peace.

Please be part of this solution-strategy and join with the 99% of people who are now activating  for world improvement.

By simply ordering and displaying this Seeds For Peace poster where it will be easily seen, you’ll be playing a key and important role in this vital action. Our full work is not yet uploaded but browse through this site to see some of ERF’s active projects.


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