ERF WORMThe Earth Repair Foundation’s mascot ERF Worm says: ‘Compost,
Instead of Waste, Make Humus-Soil, Growing Food Is Play, Not Toil’.

As ERF grows, its best is yet to come! The acronym ERF, can also represent Earth Repair First,
Earth Repair Family, Friends, Fun, Finances, Festivals, and a Fabulous Future.

ERF invites you to listen to a timely and important 98 seconds song by Evie Pikler called,

Towards achieving a no-waste society, this campaign is motivating the world community to reduce, reuse and recycle all used plastics so these can be re-manufactured into useful composting bins for every home.

The bins are hygienic, aerobic and conical shaped, similar to the ones shown here but with the aerobic air-stream holes included at production. The bins need to be accompanied by a clear, easy to understand pictorial explanation about the practice of composting that will educate, inspire and motivate.

Compost Bin

These bins can then be used by people everywhere to compost ALL currently wasted, valuable, and continuously available bio-degradable materials to produce massive quantities of earth worms and humus-rich soil to help grow increasing numbers of permaculture* designed urban and rural food-forests, in all appropriate places possible.


Sense-of-Humus-summaryThis worldwide quest is achievable within this decade by increasing numbers of people being mentored in and practicing permaculture design skills in home and school yards, apartments, community gardens, rural lands, juvenile and refugee detention centers, and rehabilitation and corrective services facilities.

As this activity accelerates locally then globally, it will enable unlimited ethical and honourable employment, enhance local and worldwide co-operation, grow an abundance of fresh healthy living foods to ensure food security for all, help mitigate climate change and help reverse global warming.

Every compost stack is an Earth Repair Bank and every deposit made is an investment into a sustainable future.

Please share this thought-seeding strategy with your friends and families and be part of this lobbying action to help accelerate achieving Vision 2020, and a world community of caring and sharing people enjoying fun-work and living in peace and sustainable abundance.


This campaign is being conducted by the Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) and the Blue Mountains Branch of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc.

*permaculture = permanent culture + permanent agriculture. To learn more about the priceless contribution that permaculture is already making to help humanity thrive, look up permaculture on Wikipedia or browse   On this site you can begin learning more about permaculture right now by looking through some of the hundreds of pages of excellent picture and video stories of how permaculture is enhancing the lives of increasing numbers of people.

Click on the poster below for a pdf of this statement that can be printed, put up on a wall and/or used to network with. Thanks!

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