FMCS-photo-26An Open Letter about the future of the Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) by the Convener, Franklin MC Scarf

ERF is inviting participation in its growth.

ERF has accomplished significant achievements since its incorporation (1987) and is now preparing to break through with some innovative projects and initiatives to take our results to a new level.

The creative intelligence that has been invested by so many people over decades in helping develop the Earth Repair Charter and related initiatives, now needs to be more widely networked locally, nationally and globally. To read the Charter and some extraordinary endorsements of this timely solution strategy see:×4.pdf

In early May 2019 a significantly successful world’s first Global Earth Repair Conference (GERC) happened in Washington State USA and the term ‘Global Earth Repair’ was born. From the Conference, pledges were made to hold GERC’s in Central and South America, Mexico, Africa and India over the next two years. The Australian initiated Earth Repair Charter and the Vision 2020 solution strategy are on the Global Conference website which you can visit at

ERF expresses deep gratitude for all the support that has been given to help us come this far. We are now looking for extra support so that specialised skills can be engaged to help us continue to grow and accelerate in the initiatives designed to help the maximum number of people to achieve the greatest benefits that will last for the longest time. To see some of the many people who have participated in developing ERF’s work visit

Although I’ve tried my best over the years, I have to admit that the successful outcomes for financial self-sustainability that I expected at various stages during our growth, have not yet actualised. Up until now our primary focus has been with researching problems and developing feasible and achievable solutions, but now the time has come for us to become financially self-sufficient. This link gives a summary of my work and life and will give some insight into the variety of subjects that have been researched for development.

From the beginning I have primarily carried the financial responsibility for ERF, with some help from supportive friends, but today it’s difficult for me to finance our growth as I only receive an aged pension, and don’t have any financial reserves.

Therefore, ERF is appealing for assistance and would welcome any contribution regardless of the amount; through a Patreon crowd funding campaign anyone can contribute a little as $1, $3, $5 or more a month by direct debit payments. Your gift would be a valuable investment in the growth of an exceptionally worthwhile enterprise and it would be received with much gratitude.

In thanking you for reading this, I wish you enjoyment of continuous optimism and the latest time as your best time.
May you also enjoy the continual experience of increasing good health, peace, love, freedom and happiness.

With sincerity,

Franklin Scarf
Earth Repair Foundation

ERF’s current financial wish list is as follows:
1. $1.5k per month for ongoing rent.
2. $10-15k to acquire a personal/company vehicle and other important computer equipment upgrades.
3. $3k per month for salaries for a small team of collaborators at ERF HQ.
4. Funding to create a World’s Best Practice, Sustainability Learning poster for all languages. See
5. Buying the property at 14-16 Station Street, Katoomba and fully developing it into a wholistic Sustainability Learning Centre, estimate $1.2 million.
Click on the description page below to see a printable and larger version in PDF format.


You can send funds via bank transfer to.

Earth Repair Foundation
Commonwealth Bank Katoomba
BSB: 062 559
A/C: 0090 5301

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