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One of ERF’s primary commitments is to continue participating in, and encouraging support for the achievable quest for our whole Earth to become more sustainable.

This is already progressively happening with increasing numbers of people throughout the world using permaculture ethics and principles and planting and helping grow an abundance of food-forests in increasing numbers of places.

ERF recommends that everyone who isn’t already doing so, begin to learn about and practice permaculture! To visit a brilliant permaculture learning website click below and browse through the many marvelous stories and informative videos.  Further, you could look up Permaculture on Wikipedia or type the word into the search panel on YouTube, and start a magical journey of learning.

The widespread practice of permaculture can help end world hunger and unemployment, and help mitigate and reverse global climate change. It would take around a decade, and food forests could be sprouting up all over the world in every country.

Please share, promote and motivate support in any way you can to help achieve the quest for our Earth to become more sustainable.


The poster is to promote the use of permaculture principles and the growing of food forests in all appropriate places possible. This practice will enable more ethical employment, increase community resilience to climate change, help end world hunger, and unite people, communities, religions and nations in a common, productive, and peaceful purpose.

The poster is to be about living skillfully in the 21st century. Well-placed, it will tirelessly radiate an inspirational and educational influence as a constant reminder, 24/7/365.

“The problems of the world can be solved in a garden”.
Geoff Lawton, Permaculture Teacher/Designer

“If we give some food away it nurtures others for a day. If many learn to grow their own, ‘end world hunger seeds’ are sown.”
Permaculture wisdom

“What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet”.
David Suzuki

Within a decade:
• To have food forests growing on most home yards and school blocks and all other appropriate places possible;
• To assist community resilience to global warming and climate change;
• To inspire and motivate the wide-spread adoption and use of permaculture ethics and principles;
• To reduce towards eliminating global hunger and unemployment.

THE OBJECTIVE: To make the poster an international award-winning work with the descriptions of the graphics translated into many languages for displaying on classroom walls and all other relevant places in every country. The poster will reveal the essential basics of the permaculture approach to sustainable living.

Designed to educate and motivate in an enjoyable way, the poster will display a distillation of the world’s best practices for sustainability using the ‘less is more’ or ‘less is best’ principle. The poster is being designed to help the maximum number of people achieve the greatest benefits that will last for the longest time.

This is an inexpensive production that would greatly assist our human community to live sustainably. We believe that only one generation needs to be positively influenced to think and act more wisely to help improve the world for everyone.

The poster would inspire digital stories for the internet and public media, showing examples of community participation in successful growing projects. Each subject in the poster will have an internet address for videos, and a permaculture learning game is being considered.

* Permaculture is an Australian innovation of sustainable organic agriculture which includes the companion planting of mixed-species trees, with emphasis on fruit and nut trees with under-storeys of vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants using integrated irrigation and minimum-maintenance-maximum-yield principles. Permaculture is a design science that provides all the needs of human settlement and leads to a world of absolute sustainable abundance.

THE POSTER: The poster will be a pictorial story-board print, specifically designed to provide knowledge and motivate action. It will be printed in full colour on size A1 durable semi-gloss recycled card. At printing it will be score-folded into 8 x A4 panels for placing in an envelope for mailing to anywhere in the world.

POSTER CONTENTS: Each of the eight A4 panels will have a theme with related subjects contained within it. Each subject will have images with concise text that is easily translatable. Some of the subjects that are being considered for inclusion in the eight panels are:

• Images of food and medicine gardens as productive permaculture learning and growing centres in schools, backyards, parks, community gardens, gaols, juvenile and refugee detention centres, and rehabilitation facilities. Show how anyone and everyone practicing permaculture ethics and principles, can help humanity on the path to manifesting sustainable abundance for all;

• How and when to harvest with emphasis on eating raw, living and sprouting foods like edible leaves with sprouting seeds and nuts to acquire immunity efficiency and attain and maintain vital good health in body and mind. Explain how anti-oxidant and enzyme empowered living foods can be among the most potent medicinal foods available. Hippocrates taught “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”;

• The poster will contain a diagram capturing a time-line effect showing children saving seeds, planting seedling food trees, and staging the process over ten years comparing sizes, and then project to 40 years. Show how growing food forests is building valuable natural capital that benefits the Earth and all present and future generations;

• Highlight the importance of protecting the world’s remaining natural heritage and biodiversity contained in native forests, lakes, rivers and oceans. Show how the growing of mixed species and companion grouped trees, using stone mulch in arid areas, can help stabilise the climate by storing water in accumulating biomass to counteract global warming;

• Promote technologies in renewable energy and conservation systems integrated with ecologically sustainable housing. Diagrams of eco homes and villages. Illustrate retrofitting and building houses with appropriate technologies, using rainwater tanks, solar power, grey water recycling and organic permaculture food gardens in and around each habitat.

• Principles illustrating the astronomical perspective and humanity’s position in the universe. How to attain and maintain an attitude of healthy thinking and peaceful equanimity; “The universe is my home and the human family is my tribe. The whole Earth is my birthplace and all humans are my brothers and sisters”. Kahlil Gibran

THE PARTICIPANTS: Initial development of the poster has started with collaboration between the Environment Program of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc ( ) and the Earth Repair Foundation ( ). Assistance has been provided by members of the Blue Mountains Permaculture Network and Transition Blue Mountains. Other individuals and groups are invited to join in and help. Permaculturists, educators, artists, technical and IT specialists, video producers, politicians, relevant government departments, appropriate UN Agencies, corporations, philanthropists and NGOs, can all participate.

SPONSORSHIP, MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION: Please share this information with others. Consider writing a personal letter recommending the concept to your local members of State and Federal parliaments, or to potential sponsors or supporters. Assistance is invited to help fund the production. We are appealing to government, corporate and/or private sponsors, philanthropists and NGOs for assistance.

ESTIMATED COSTS AND TIMING: The estimated timing and costs for production and implementation is around $108k and 5-6 months. It will require a secretariat, a committee and consultations with various permaculture teachers to ensure an optimum outcome. The logos of funding sponsors would receive continuous positive exposure as benefactors of this vital, imperative and worthy production.

INVITATION: Participate in the achievable dream of the Earth becoming green through people everywhere co-operating to help grow food forests in all appropriate places possible. This will give necessary, productive and honourable employment to increasing numbers of people and help transform our Earth into the abundant garden it has the capability of becoming.

Expressions of interest and offers of assistance to advance this opportunity are invited and welcomed.  You can send contact details here.

Please contact Franklin Scarf at the Earth Repair Foundation,
PO Box 503, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW, 2780, AUST
Phone: 0408 267 195

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