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An interactive script to assist with quitting to smoke.

  • Many consider tobacco to be the world’s most damaging product; a weapon of mass destruction to human health.
  • Tobacco kills over 7 million people every year leaving over one billion sick and dying. This is a crime against humanity;
  • Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of mental and physical illness, and death;
  • It needs to be identified as one of the world’s most immoral
    and unethical businesses along with the production of
    landmines, cluster bombs and nuclear weapons;
  • Contribute in every way possible to help make smoking a
    thing of the past by stopping the practice and encouraging
    friends and family to do the same;
  • Join our multi-media support group to assist your decision
    to leave tobacco behind, so that we can breathe more easily.
  • Our lungs are one of the major ways we inter-act with the
    world, we must take care of them.
  • The most powerful force for improved health is what we say to ourselves and believe to be true. Your own voice reading this personalised script is a very powerful way to enable anyone to de-program and re-program their relationship with smoking tobacco for nicotine.
  • Record the following Script in your clearest voice, with sincerity and conviction for repeated listening whilst awake or asleep, to achieve amazing results.
  • I congratulate myself for consciously making the life-saving decision to stop being a slave to the destructive addiction of smoking tobacco.
  • I praise my strength, courage and higher intelligence on choosing health rather than smoking. I feel assured that quitting is the best thing that I can do for myself. I am not depriving myself of anything; on the contrary there are wonderful rewards to instantly enjoy and many more to look forward to. When all is said and done it is much easier not to smoke.
  • My self-esteem and confidence improve immediately. The addiction to nicotine rapidly diminishes and I experience a joyful and exhilarating freedom. I now know for sure what I have suspected all along – that life IS better, more joyous and richer for non smokers. I no longer feel the need to leave nonsmokers’ homes and go outside for a nicotine fix. I am at ease amongst non-smokers and no longer have to apologise for my addiction.
  • I wake up each morning feeling blessed with restored health, energy, self-confidence and greater prosperity. No longer a slave to my addiction, I have lifted a huge psychological impediment from my life.
  • Quitting instantly improves my health and increases my quality and length of life. About a day after stopping my lung efficiency starts to improve. I am less short of breath when I exert myself. The small pockets of tissue deep within my lungs – my alveoli, are no longer absorbing many cubic feet of air dripping with cancerous tar.
  • My lungs now breathe more easily and are relieved from life-threatening abuse. That painful feeling in my chest, from the persistent hammering I was giving my lungs, is subsiding. I now have more protection from the world-wide plight of acute respiratory illness, chest infection and general sickness.
  • Stopping smoking greatly improves the efficiency of my immune system. By stopping smoking I am no longer so susceptible to diseases like lung and throat cancer, heart disease, gum disease and tooth loss, pneumonia, influenza and the common cold, depression, impotence and the list goes alarmingly on. Smokers are most susceptible to these conditions which are preventable and often reversible by stopping what’s causing the sickness.
  • I now resolve to make the most of my life changing decision by living wisely and well – eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude.
  • Quitting greatly improves my appearance. I have no more tobacco stains on my teeth and fingers. My hands, hair, clothes car and house don’t smell of stale tobacco smoke. I already begin to feel and look better. That pale and unhealthy look that so many smokers have, rapidly disappears. My taste buds come back to life and my sense of smell improves.
  • Now I can look forward to increased energy. My renewed self-confidence makes me more attractive both inwardly and outwardly. I experience improved blood flow and circulation which is essential for me to maintain good health.
  • I will have more money in my pocket. If I was a pack a day smoker, I can look forward to having a cash bonus of more than $5000 a year (over $100 a week). I am no longer contributing to the unethical and enormous profits of the tobacco companies. I can now afford to make regular investments in increasing my health and well-being, primarily through improved nutrition.
  • After one month of quitting my risk of coronary heart disease is almost half that of a continuing smoker. Within two months, blood flow to all my limbs substantially improves. My risk of lung cancer is cut in half in a few years and progressively it drops almost to the rate of nonsmokers.
  • The eventual reality for most smokers is premature, prolonged and painful death – a reality far removed from the false image of health, sex appeal and success that multinational tobacco companies strive desperately and deplorably to promote whilst contributing to the slow death of billions.
  • I now enjoy being a non-smoker. I minimise any feelings caused by nicotine withdrawal. I have left behind my addiction to nicotine and never use nicotine substitutes, such as patches or other products.
  • I regularly eat a variety of fresh fruit, herbs and lightly cooked vegetables to accelerate my recovery. I also invest some of the money had previously wasted on tobacco into nutrient concentrates, minerals and antioxidants, which are beneficial to my recovery and the optimum maintenance of good health. Improved nutrition further accelerates my return to better health. As Hippocrates taught, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.
  • I am at peace and I am happy to be on a healthy path. I attract like-minded people into my life. I now enjoy the best natural health care and fitness practices, which include drinking extra water and consuming concentrated nutrient supplements like Spirulina and extra vitamin C.
  • I regularly exercise through increased walking, as well as deep breathing and stretching. I feel a positive improved difference in my wellbeing when I take the time to listen to this recording and when I practice health enriching activities. I celebrate each present moment as a precious gift and I enjoy increasing good health in body and mind.
  • The life saving and life extending decision I have made not to smoke, greatly increases my quality of life and is beneficial for those around me. I resolve never to smoke tobacco again and to avoid being in contact with tobacco smoke as much as possible.
  • I now breathe more easily in the knowledge that my addiction is over and increasingly my health and wellbeing improve. I fully realise that the benefits of quitting are fabulous and immediate.
  • NOTE: This script can be adapted to overcome any affliction of addiction to such things as gambling, alcohol and substance abuse, overeating disorders, or anything else you’d like to modify or change.

Further to using this Stop Script we recommend you read and implement the principles outlined in Allen Carr’s outstanding book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. You can listen to testimonials of this by looking it up on YouTube. If you have found this script useful and/or would like it to be more widely available, please tithe a small portion of the money you save by not smoking, so that all smokers can be sent a free copy. Additional help is available for recording this script on a computer or digital recorder for repeated listening. Ask us to help you personalise the script for your specific needs and/or record it for you using our voice.

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