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Crowdsourcing Photos For My New Book!


Hi Friends,

I’m in the process of writing my second book about how to grow food in any climate in Australia (due out late 2023 with Affirm Press). As it’s covering the whole, vast country I would so very dearly love to include photos of edible gardens in different climates to show folks what’s possible across Australia. So if you’re an edible gardener and live in central Australia (arid climate), the wet/dry tropics, subtropics, warm or Mediterranean temperate regions I would love to here from you!

The photos need to be as high quality as possible – ideally high resolution with 300 dpi. If this means nothing to you, just send through your best quality and I’ll see if it can work. Please email through to and include some general info outlined below.

Your name.
The area where you live and grow.
A brief description of what’s happening in the photo/s.
The person who took the photo (if not you) for photo credit in the book.

Is there a deadline? Yes! I’ll need any photos and info by Dec 19th as I have to wrap up the manuscript by the end of this year.

What do you get in exchange? Great question, sadly there’s no budget to pay for these photos – so I’m offering a trade :-). For any chosen photos I’ll send you a thank you pack, this will include a copy of my existing book and a range of my educational tea towels.

It’s such an exciting thought that we could work together to make this happen – just imagine! Thanks in advance :-).

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