Co-operation Vs Opposition

Australian State and Federal Parliaments now need to consider changing the opposition tone in politics to co-operation.

‘Opposition’ breeds confrontation, resistance, quarrelling, win/lose results, animosity, disharmony, wastefulness and disunity, whereas,

‘Co-operation’ enhances goodwill, constructive debate, trust, respect, support, collaboration, win/win results, harmony, good order, and fine manners.

A more positive, optimistic approach will bring about a significant attitude improvement leading to better government and more productive management of our human and natural resources.  It will help us all deal more effectively with solving the many serious social, environmental and economic problems that exist in the world today.

We could enshrine in legislation a stronger set of principles to ensure more co-operation instead of opposition in all Australian Parliaments and set an example for other countries to do similar.

If readers like this proposal, please share it with friends, family and community, and consider sending the idea with a personal note to your local Members of State and Federal Parliaments, recommending that Co-operation over Opposition be implemented asap.

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