About the Earth Repair Foundation (ERF)

ERF is an independent, self-funded, voluntary, non-government organisation (NGO) comprising a team of optimistic futurists who communicate and co-operate to advance the earth repair solution strategies contained in these pages.

ERF was incorporated in Sydney, Australia in 1987 and is closely aligned with the Blue Mountains Branch of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc.

ERF has co-ordinated research and development into achievable solutions and has produced a practical world-vision Earth Repair Charter, Vision 2020 Global Solution Strategy which has received widespread acclaim and endorsement.

Earth-Repair-Charter2Click on the picture of the Charter to see a pdf of 17 Charter endorsements, the Charter, and a colourful Poster for a Whole System change. The Charter and related initiatives offer self-evident achievable solutions to help bring about a sustainable and peaceful future for all. It is a concise, long-term global action plan for a future without war, and the people of Earth united in peace.

The goal is to help the maximum number of people to achieve the greatest benefits that will last for the longest time. It is a Charter from the people, for the people, and for all governments to adopt its objectives and the world’s best practices to minimise our consumption of Earth’s finite resources and make the transition to renewable energy systems happen as quickly as possible.

In today’s world there are many troublesome problems that we are all facing. These problems have motivated this earth repair work:

• The Current annual global military budget is estimated to be over $3 trillion dollars. When all wars are ended, humanity will save nearly $20 million dollars every hour.

• Daily, thousands of people, mostly children, die from hunger and lack of basic needs while millions of others are deprived of clean water, food, shelter and health care. In some countries, shocking inequities and human rights abuses still exist;

• World-wide, desperation including suicide are on the increase, particularly amongst our youth. Without vision people can perish;

• Every day on our planet, over one billion transport vehicles emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere. It is known that if a person pipes the exhaust emissions directly into the cabin of a vehicle while in it, they would die within a short time. Yet people in cities and towns around the world are breathing these invisible toxins continually.

Earth has a growing hole in its ozone layer, and climate changes and global warming are facts of life. Humanity is finding it difficult to co-ordinate solutions to these eco-dilemmas;

• Deforestation. Acid rain. Global warming. Earth’s natural ecosystems essential for sustaining of life have been, and continue to be, dangerously depleted. Destruction of the Earth’s natural heritage of biodiverse old-growth forests and other high conservation value areas including species extinction, continues globally, thus robbing future generations. As caretakers of the Earth, we humans are obliged to work to reverse this current trend of ecocide. Please select ‘initiatives’ to see what we do and how you may be able to help.

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