Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration. These could be adopted by towns and cities anywhere in any language and with potential to become a unique Blue Mountains export industry.

DSC05071DSC07363The action was implemented as part of ‘Art Street’ just prior to the 2013 Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. The goal was to brighten dull-spots and appropriate empty spaces around the town, with colourful laminated placards of wise quotes.

The quotes were selected from community submissions and from sages through the ages. They are brief reminders of self-evident truths, practical knowledge and useful wisdom; clear, simple and easy to understand. The quest is to share a wealth of universal wisdom to inspire beneficial outcomes for the many local people and the tourists who visit this spectacular Blue Mountains City of Katoomba.

DSC05086DSC07456The purpose of Mind-Vitamin quotes is to help uplift moods, enhance optimism, increase positive mind health, eliminate anxiety, depression and pessimistic thinking, and help enable feelings of greater peace and happiness.

Places where Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds would be usefully displayed are on: public walls; railway stations; homes; schools; hospitals, factories, and community, youth, aged care and neighbourhood centres. If used in juvenile and refugee detention centres and adult correctional facilities, they would probably have a lasting beneficial effect on everyone who absorbs them.

DSC05118The Mind Vitamin placards are artistically presented on size A3 card, laminated and cleverly affixed up high and out of reach but still easily visible to passers by. They are simple and inexpensive to produce and put up. They are also easy to remove and/or replace by affixing the new art over the old. They radiate thought-provoking inspiration 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

DSC07365A goal is for the Blue Mountains to set a precedent and motivate other towns and cities to emulate the example of this action. Translated into each language, Mind Vitamins could be brightening dull spots in cities and towns throughout the world.

DSC07453Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds have the potential to enhance the overall graffiti image. It is a unique community advancement initiative beginning in this great Blue Mountains ‘City of the Arts’ amidst a glorious World Heritage National Park.



For the 2014 Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival, 42 new Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed placards were put up and many positive responses have DSC05081already been reported. There are a number of people who are prepared to give testimonials in support of this innovative project.  at the time when we seek endorsement and sponsorship from the Blue Mountains City Council, local business owners, organisations and the community.

See endorsement letter from Bob Debus, Bob_Debus).

Suggestions for quotes or offers of support for this proposal, please contact Franklin Scarf on 0408 267 195 or franklin@earthrepair.net

CLICK HERE to see 108 quotes being considered as Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds


For the 2015 Winter Magic Festival, Woolworths and BigW agreed to give one of their walls to become a Words Of Wisdom WOW Wall that was so well received, it stayed in place for eight weeks longer than initially agreed. Read more about it via this FaceBook post.



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