Permaculture-T-Shirt2This post recommends that the people and governments of Australia, co-operate to enable the 72 hours of permaculture learning to be integrated into all refugee and other detention centres and correctional service facilities. This will enable everyone to participate in earth repair actions for a sustainable future.

Further, the 72 hours of Permaculture learning now more than ever needs to be included in all schools, colleges and universities and all other institutes of learning.

Efficient food and medicine gardens can be established as productive learning and growing centres in home and school yards, community gardens and all other appropriate places possible. Within a decade, increasing numbers of food forests could be growing in every country.

Permaculture is an Australian garden design system that enables people to learn the life skills to enjoy sustainable abundance while contributing to helping grow a better world.

We invite you to click below and support the quest to create a Sustainability learning poster in all languages for every school in every country. Click here…

Please support this proposal as a priority by promoting it in any way you think may be effective! One way is to copy the URL address above and share it with family, friends, community and your local government representatives. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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