mvtsemblem1Transform the Military to Earth Repair Action

Together, we can end the culture of terrorism and war and co-create a culture of peace that will last forever!

The Vision 2020 emblem is a modern interpretation of an ancient prediction that says, ‘nations will not learn war any more’. This can be the decade for people everywhere to unite in peace and make this prediction actualise. Everyone can now learn and practice earth repair action through permaculture* and also how to live long, healthy, happy, loving and peaceful lives. Permaculture ethics are, People Care, Earth Care, Fair Share.

In today’s world there are many troublesome problems that we are all facing which have motivated the development of the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 Global Solution Strategy.

• The Current annual global military budget is estimated to be over $3 trillion dollars. When all wars are ended, humanity will save nearly $20 million dollars every hour.

• Daily, thousands of people, mostly children, die from hunger and lack of basic needs while millions of others are deprived of clean water, food, shelter and health care. In some countries, shocking inequities and human rights abuses still exist;

• World-wide, slavery and desperation including suicide are on the increase, particularly amongst our youth. Without vision people can perish;

• Every day on our planet, over one billion transport vehicles emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere. It is known that if a person pipes the exhaust emissions directly into the cabin of a vehicle while in it, they would die within a short time. Yet people in cities and towns around the world are breathing these invisible toxins continually. Earth has a growing hole in its ozone layer, and climate changes and global warming are facts of life. Humanity is finding it difficult to co-ordinate solutions to these eco-dilemmas;

• Deforestation. Acid rain. Global warming. Earth’s natural ecosystems essential for sustaining of life have been, and continue to be, dangerously depleted. Destruction of the Earth’s natural heritage of biodiverse old-growth forests and other high conservation value areas including species extinction, continues globally, thus robbing future generations. As caretakers of the Earth, we humans are obliged to work to reverse this current trend of ecocide. Please select ‘initiatives’ to see what we do and how you may be able to help.

Everyone is invited to participate in the ongoing and achievable quest for our Earth to become healthy, peaceful and sustainable.

By helping to plant and organically grow an abundance of permaculture designed food forests in most home yards and all appropriate places possible, unlimited ethical and honourable employment can be created enabling food security and plenty of fresh healthy living foods for everyone.

This worldwide quest is achievable by the year 2020 by increasing numbers of people being mentored in and practicing permaculture design skills in home and school yards, apartments, community gardens, rural lands, juvenile and refugee detention centres, and rehabilitation and corrective services facilities.

Part of Vision 2020 is for all currently wasted and continuously available biodegradable materials to be composted into humus-rich soil via hygienic, aerobic, no-dig composting bins made from recycled plastics.

Every compost stack is an earth repair bank and every deposit an investment into a sustainable future.

This humus soil is then used to help grow increasing numbers of garden food forests to help mitigate and reverse climate change, enhance local and global co-operation in building valuable natural resources, and ending unemployment and hunger.

The vision is a world community of caring and sharing people enjoying fun-work and living in peace and sustainable abundance.

*permaculture = permanent culture + agriculture. To learn more about the extraordinary contribution that permaculture is making to help humanity thrive, look it up on Wikipedia or browse

“Planting and helping grow increasing quantities of appropriate trees is the scientific solution to Earth’s environmental dilemma”. Dr Richard St Barbe Baker, Founder, Men of the Trees and Children of the Green Earth.

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