world-UnityMVTS 08-01-15In all of history, now may well be the best time for each of us to recognise and respect ourselves and every other person as an original, unrepeatable, valuable and important citizen of Earth and a unique member of a great human family of various tribes.

Each one of us is born free and equal in dignity and human rights. We share this beautiful world with more than seven billion other individual kindred spirits in the common quest to attain and maintain inner and world peace.

You are invited to participate in this Plan for Peace in honour of the countless numbers of people throughout time who have unjustly died at the hands of aggressors, and particularly those who continue to suffer human rights abuses today.

The World Unity and Peace emblem contains icons and symbols that collectively represent most of the diverse beliefs that have influenced humanity throughout history. The emblem is designed to motivate achievement of inner and world peace for enjoyment by everybody. It is to prompt co-operation between all religions, faiths, ideologies, philosophies, nations and peoples, towards the creation of a safer, saner, healthier and happier world for everyone.

From the top in clockwise order: Aboriginal; Indigenous American and Canadian; Polynesian; Tribal African; Rastafarian; Communism; Socialism; Paganism; Science; Bahai; Sufism; Islam; Christianity; Judaism; Egyptian; Taoism; Hinduism; Sikhism; Mayans; Shintoism; Buddhism; and Zororastrianism. Other relevant schools of thought that are not represented in the emblem such as Humanism; Brahma Kumaris; Scientology;  ISKCON (International Society of Krshna Consciousness); Self Realisation Fellowship; plus more, will be included in the final production.

The Interfaith Program of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) (NSW) Inc has endorsed the establishment of a local Council for World Unity and Peace to research, develop and implement an action plan to motivate the United Nations to convene an International Council for World Unity and Peace (ICWUP).

ICWUP’s purpose will be to create a World Unity and Peace websiMVTS 08-01-153te for internet containing authentic, succinct and concise summaries of the history and essential precepts of each belief. People will be invited to particiate by answering several carefully worded questions. Selections of practical knowledge and useful wisdom from every culture can then be produced as a book and posters for the public domain. Extracts can be read at community gatherings in Churches, Houses of Worship, Mosques, Shrines, Synagogues, Temples, and throughout the world.

ICWUP is to consist of elected leaders from each religion and belief. They will research and contribute their very best descriptive summaries for inclusion in the website, book and posters towards helping all people realise their inner-peace, transcend differences with all others, peacefully co-exist and enjoy full, healthy, happy and loving lives. The posters, well-placed, will continuously radiate an inspirational and educational influence, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This Council for World Unity and Peace proposal has been created in response to an Earth Repair Charter objective which states: “Encourage all religions, faiths, nations and peoples to co-exist in harmony as one family, sharing the Earth as our common home”. The one-page global-vision Charter has been produced to promote implementation of a long-term world-wide action plan for a future without war, and the people of Earth united in peace. It presents succinct, practical, self-evident and achievable solutions to help bring about a sustainable and peaceful future for everyone.

The Earth Repair Charter can be seen at

MVTS 08-01-154Most recognise that inner peace and world peace are interrelated. Peace on Earth depends on the collective peace within each individual. Peace can be found here and now within each one of us as a hidden splendour, nearer than hands and feet and closer than breathing simply waiting to be recognised and realised.

The proposed World Unity and Peace website, book and posters are to provide a positive and optimistic approach to enable a better understanding between all beliefs. The quest is to reveal useful wisdom and valuable knowledge to enable each person to enjoy the continuous experience of increasing peaceful happiness.

Included in the productions will be the astronomical perspective and humanity’s position in the infinite universe covering outer and inner space and eternity consciousness, past, present and future.

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Now more than ever, may each of us do everything we can to help peace grow in the world. Think peace. Talk peace. Walk for peace. Smile for peace. Realise your inner peace and visualise world peace. Wear a Peace Now badge or T-shirt. Write letters and sign petitions for a Ministry For Peace in every country. Make and display peace flags or placards. Help grow food forests for peace. In silence or audibly, regularly sing, chant or think ‘peace now’ for an instant mood-elevating experience.

Please network this information with your local State and Federal Members of Parliament, religious leaders and the media. Ask them to help lobby the United Nations to make the commitment to establish ICWUP as an urgent priority. Media’s participation is encouraged to publicise this initiative as priority news.

This is a project of the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. and the Earth Repair Foundation.

Following on from the Old and New Testaments from the Jewish and Christian traditions, the Koran, and various other important religious writings, this proposed e-book is suggested to be The Latest Testament which will comprise the best wisdom from all the schools of thought that have influenced humanity throughout history. Each group will have an equal amount of space in the book to present the most succinct advice they can contribute. Visitors to the web site will be invited to respond to the following draft list of questions:

• What is the name for your place of worship and how often do you attend?
• What does prayer/meditation/worship mean to you?
• How do you use prayer/meditation/worship in your daily life?
• What can be done to enable the cultivation of a multi/interfaith global community?
• What are the essential precepts or tenets of your belief and how many members belong?
• What is the primary culture and where in the world are your members mainly situated?
• What advice does your faith offer about nutrition and eating vitamin rich foods for physical and mental health?
• What is the best advice from your faith on how readers can live optimally in the 21st century?
• What is your understanding of the meaning and purpose of life?

Funding is required to help this initiative grow. This is being requested to establish a secretariat to facilitate the research and actualisation of the production.

If you, yes you the reader have ideas on who may sponsor this vital initiative, please contact Franklin Scarf on 0408 267 195 or at

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