~ What is now proven was once only imagined ~
~ Inner and World Peace are just a movie away ~

Development of this movie outline was a ten year contribution to the United Nations International Theme for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, 2001 – 2010.

A script is being created showing achievement of the goals of the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 Global Solution Strategy. The production is to be a movie and a multi-media documentary to help enhance the future by showing everyone how to effectively live sustainably while continuously enjoying peaceful happiness and physical and mental good health. Creative writers and movie producers are invited to participate in developing the script to include the time-line objectives of this movie outline, in a creative and realistic way.

2020 • World Peace is proclaimed as the international theme for the balance of the 21st Century. • People on Earth are empowered with enjoying inner peace, living in wisdom, happiness and love and manifesting abundance in their lives. • All nations and peoples are communicating and co-operating and enjoying peaceful co-existence. Humanity is enlightened!

~ Here is how we got there ~

2015  • The war on terror eventually becomes the war that ends all wars as it initiates a creative mediation and conflict resolution process ensuring that war and violence are kept out of humanity’s future. • Motivating begins for every nation to progressively transform their military expertise and resources to help implement the objectives of the Earth Repair Charter as a priority within each country.  The Charter is recognised as a self-evident, practical and achievable global solution strategy for this decade towards the creation of a safe, sane and peaceful millennium for present and future generations; • The Earth Repair movie theme inspires, educates and motivates people everywhere into healthier, happier and more sustainable and peaceful lifestyles. • The universal perspective becomes increasingly prominent as regional and national borders are transcended, and increasing numbers of people see that the Earth is our common home and we are all members of the same human family. • The ‘Sense Of Humus’ composting and food growing campaign is gaining global significance. • Previously-wasted biodegradable materials are now being composted into humus-rich soil. • Well planned global strategies are implemented to propagate, plant and fertilise increasing quantities of garden food forests and crops to help stabilise the climate towards effectively ending hunger and unemployment. • Greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing globally with unprecedented co-operation between nations. • The practice of Permaculture (permanent sustainable agriculture) is integrated into all levels of society. •  Efficient food and medicine gardens are established as productive permaculture learning centres in schools, backyards, urban parks, refugee detention, rehabilitation and corrective services facilities.

2015/16 • McDonalds and Coca Cola and other similar fast food companies, adopt the menu proposals of McNaturals International Pty Ltd and now provide genuinely nutritious plant-based foods, drinks and ice blocks, to help people increase their immunity efficiency, health, vitality and contentment with life. • Significant advances are being made in the widespread use of simple, inexpensive and effective, self-help practices and health-care programs, bringing maximum benefits to people worldwide. • Smoking tobacco is banned in all enclosed and covered public places. • Smoking is prohibited where children are present to assist their health and to discourage all smoking and drug abuse. • The misunderstood plant Hemp is re-legalised for industrial use globally. • The healing herb Cannabis is formally adopted for medicinal use. • Bio-regional landcare systems are endorsed by governments everywhere, enabling more effective self-management of local ecosystems.  • The United Nations General Assembly formally endorses the Earth Repair Solution Strategy as an International Decade theme. • All industries are now responsibly reducing, reusing and recycling their wastes. • An international moratorium on old growth and native rainforest logging is implemented. • All high-conservation value native forests and areas which support flora and fauna unique to these priceless, biodiverse ancient treasures, are now permanently protected.  • The Global Indigenous Movement assumes collective co-custodianship of all remaining natural and protected World Heritage areas for the security of future and present generations. • The World’s Indigenous Peoples are recognised as members in all United Nations forums. • Australia sets a human rights precedent for sovereignty and peace, by allocating the lands opposite and adjacent to Old Parliament House in Canberra as a permanent Embassy to unite all the world’s Indigenous, Aboriginal and First Nations Peoples in the common purpose of world improvement.

2016 • In Australia, Crown land is allocated for homeless people to establish tent villages where life skills for personal sustainability are learned. • Nations, now more than ever, redirect personnel, expertise and resources from their national military services towards constructive and productive community advancement industries as a primary objective within all countries. • Scientists work as a high priority on disposing of the dangerous wastes of warfare and the toxic wastes of industry. • Every nation now participates in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations to ensure international security.  • Global legislation is implemented to decommission and eliminate all nuclear and biological armaments, land mines and all other instruments and weapons of mass destruction. • Major progress is being made using renewable energy systems such as solar and wind technologies to desalinate and pump ocean water inland to arid areas.

2016/17 • The World’s population becomes stabilized through free family-planning education and a positive reduction of poverty in the third world. • Major progress is made with the planting and growing of Permaculture designed food forests, and implementing appropriate technologies for immediately and progressively freeing disadvantaged people from hunger. • Uranium mining ceases as nuclear reactors are replaced by solar, wind and other clean, efficient renewable energy systems.  • Nuclear waste everywhere is guarded securely as safe and effective storage methods are implemented.

2017 • Ecologically sustainable development becomes the priority among all nations and the world’s best practices are adopted at every level of society to enable conservation of Earth’s finite resources. • All basic education now includes respect for nature, the art of birthing and parenting, first-aid, effective communication, self-esteem and creative artistic expression. • Optimistic nowist thinking is spreading.  • The nations of Earth are now enthusiastically involved with an international tree and food growing race, instead of an arms race. • Trees propagated, planted and successfully grown using humus, rock mulch and the latest methods, double each year, and rainforest logging and wood chipping of high-conservation value native forests has finally ended worldwide. • Entire degraded ecosystems are regenerated as vital nutrients are returned to the earth through the mass-production of humus by composting. • Artificial fertilisers are replaced by fine rock-dust and humus to re-mineralise soils, increase the nutrient value of food crops and boost resistance to plant disease; • Sewage is treated extracting bio-gas and irrigating trees to accumulate bio-mass and rejuvenate degraded lands.

2017/18 • Permaculture and other natural organic growing methods provide employment and food for increasing numbers of people. • Large scale Spirulina farms are established in numerous sun-drenched areas to provide people with the abundance of chlorophyll rich multi nutrients contained in this complete whole food algae. • Wildlife populations increase and animal experiments and exploitation are minimised. • Increasing numbers of people turn to a raw food diet. • Humanity develops a respect for, and comprehension of, the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of all life forms.

2018 • A complementary and wholistic approach is now integral to medical science and health care.    • Diseases such as cancer, AIDS and other severe illnesses, dramatically reduce through natural and preventive healing. • People become more vital and healthy as they practice the principles advocated by Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine who taught “Let your food be your medicine”. • The increasingly popular practice of growing and eating fresh, organically-grown vegetables, fruits, sprouted seeds, nuts, herbs and grains, eaten raw or lightly cooked, enable people everywhere to naturally acquire immunity efficiency and attain and maintain good health in their bodies and minds. • Resources and budgets previously used for military services have been transferred to peace and prosperity-generating activities thereby substantially increasing employment, and eliminating poverty and hunger. • Global systems are now in place to minimise the demand for environmentally costly mining operations and the dangers of transporting and using oils and other hazardous chemicals.

2019 • The world’s religions, political ideologies and sciences have transformed conflict into peaceful resolution, and unite in the spirit of  wisdom, recognising the essence of truth in all faiths and beliefs. • Individuals become committed to the optimistic way and now see themselves as eternally-conscious, divine spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth, here in the infinite universe. • The majority of people are working and living in harmony with nature and creating a peaceful paradise food garden on Earth rewarding everyone with good-health, happiness, prosperity and abundance.

2020 • A worldwide week long celebration beginning on Earth Day (April 22nd) acknowledges the success of this Decade for Earth Repair Action and World Peace now being enjoyed by everyone.


You are welcome to network this movie outline wherever or whenever you think appropriate. Copy, circulate, translate, broadcast, display or publish this information towards a more sustainable future with all people united in inner and world peace.

Creative movie makers are invited to help produce this outline so that the Earth Repair Charter will become an effective global solution strategy to be implemented from now on. To communicate enquiries or suggestions for this document, please write to us through the Contact Tab above. Thank you.

Last revised: 4th March, 2015


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