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FMCS-photo-26Franklin M.C. Scarf’s Life and Work in Summary, 1941 to 2017

• Franklin Michael Charles Scarf is founder and convener of the Earth Repair Foundation based in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales Australia. He was conceived in Katoomba and born on Friday December 26, 1941 and attended early school at Mount St Mary’s Convent and St Canice’s in Katoomba. He lived his first seven years in Katoomba then moved with his family to Sydney.

• In Sydney, he attended primary and secondary school at De La Salle College. From there he attended Sydney Technical College, which later became the University of Technology, where he studied accounting. He then joined his family’s business of Scarf Brothers Corporation which was a medium size enterprise engaged in the food, clothing and property industries.

• After 12 years in the family business working in the fields of advertising and marketing in the retail clothing industry, he pursued a new direction. He then became an activist in the movement for world improvement.

• Franklin is one of six children and the eldest son in a family of Phoenician Lebanese origin with a Byzantine Melkite Christian heritage. He is father to four adult children, three daughters and a son.

• He incorporated the Earth Repair Foundation (ERF) in 1987. For over two decades, he has co-ordinated with the help of many, the production of what now exists as the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 Global Solution Strategy. This was developed in consultation with educators, indigenous councils, scientists, environmentalists and others committed to world improvement. The aim of the strategy is to motivate every nation to adopt the Charter and the world’s best practices for a sustainable 21st Century. The Charter can be seen at

• Other highlights of his career so far include: President of the United Nations Association of Australia in NSW, 1986-1988. First and present convener of the UNAA (NSW) Environment Program. He is also convener of the Blue Mountains Branch of UNAA (NSW).

• Has worked in an honorary and voluntary capacity with UNAA continuously since 1972. He sees UN Associations as the people’s access to the United Nations, giving us, ‘We the Peoples’ an opportunity to participate in helping the UN fulfill its optimum potential. He was granted Life Membership honours with UNAA (NSW) in 2007. His commitment to the quest for world peace has him continuing to motivate people and governments for every nation to progressively transform expertise, funding and resources from all national military service sectors to implement the Earth Repair Charter as the priority within each country.

• With other concerned individuals and groups, he funded and hosted in his Sydney office, the startup of the highly acclaimed UNAA proclaimed Australian Year of the Tree, l981-82. He was appointed the first National Director of Greening Australia l982-83 which seeded Australia’s National Tree Program. It is estimated that between 800 and 900 million trees have been planted in Australia since then and the accumulation of bio-mass and the global impact, is incalculable.

• Convened one of Sydney’s first Interfaith Services for World Peace. The success of this led to eight other similar events. He is aspiring to develop a comprehensive multi-faith website giving every faith and philosophical ideology an opportunity to give their best advice on how humanity can live optimally in the 21st century.

• In 1979 he incorporated a company that grew to become McNaturals International Pty Ltd of which he is currently the CEO. McNaturals is dedicated to prompting people to acquire good health and immunity efficiency by eating more raw living foods. During the 1990s, Franklin co-created an educational demonstration of soil production through earth-repair composting and growing food organically at his McNaturals garden learning centre in the Blue Mountains.

• Co-convened the UNAA Environment/Recycling Committee in 1983 which instigated a campaign titled ‘What The World Needs Now Is A Sense of Humus’. The campaign promotes the recycling of most used plastics to manufacture great numbers of hygienic, aerobic, no-dig, earth-repair composting bins. These bins will be for use in most home yards to compost all previously-wasted and continuously available bio-degradable materials into increasing quantities of earthworms and humus-rich soil to help grow permaculture designed food forests in all appropriate places possible. He believes this initiative has unlimited educational, food producing and employment potential world-wide.

• Worked closely with and was inspired by Dr Richard St Barbe Baker, Q.B.E, LL.D, internationally renowned ‘Man of the Trees’. St Barbe commended Franklin in a letter, stating, “You have your credentials in your mission of helping tree-scape the Earth and becoming one of the world’s great earth healers”. Franklin is also committed to defending all original native forests and encourages everyone to do this too.

• Co-sponsored the historic 1989 Earthwalk Conference on social, indigenous and environmental issues, producing an Earth Treaty for the Children of the World.

• Franklin has photographed many thousands of eye-contact smiles. He implemented the Great Australian Smile Quest through the Channel 9 Network and the Mike Walsh Show resulting in the popular ‘Smile Book’. This was produced to commemorate the United Nations International Year of the Child in 1979.

• Franklin is a magical trick entertainer, mainly with younger children but sometimes practices this art on anyone. He can blow bubbles into bubbles inside bubbles. Each time he achieves this triple dimension effect, he says he feels like Don Quixote achieving the impossible dream and reaching the unreachable star.

• He is currently applying continuing efforts to developing an Earth Repair Eco Home and a McNaturals food garden learning centre in Katoomba. He has developed a plan for the production of a sustainability learning poster and strategy to educate, inspire and motivate people everywhere to help grow edible food forests on the majority of home blocks, school yards, community lands and everywhere else possible to ensure food security for all. Franklin holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and is an advocate for permaculture principles and ethics.

• Presently he is developing an innovative new product of Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seeds as Poster-Cards and Stickers designed to brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration. He is also untiring in his efforts to motivate the retail sale and wide-spread consumption of vital raw living foods resulting from his research with the Natural Health Society of Australia and the development of McNaturals.

• Franklin is a Justice of the Peace and has travelled extensively throughout the world during his lifetime.

• Franklin can be contacted at PO Box 503, Katoomba, NSW 2780 Australia. Mobile: 0408 267 195, Email:

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