Please help this Now Age Global Solution Strategy to grow.

Make a small or large donation and receive the set of eight brilliant Thought-Seed Stickers promptly sent postage free to anywhere in the world. We ask that you consider investing a minimum of $30 to receive the stickers, and thank you in anticipation of your support.
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Click through the 8 stickers to see them in detail. Hope you agree with each one and love them. ❤️💛💚💙💜


Your donation/investment will help the acceleration of sowing these thought-seeds world wide.

Any vehicle can be transformed into a mobile Thought-Seeding conveyance.
Click here to see a list of vehicles recommended to convey Mind-Vitamins.

This Now Age Global Solution Strategy is feasible and achievable. It’s aspiring to help enhance the future for everyone.

The plan is to motivate by Thought-Seeding a global transition from an expensive military economy to a whole system change and the world-wide adoption of the Earth Repair Charter and permaculture principles and ethics.

We the people, can help create a safer, saner, healthier, sustainable and peaceful future for all.

Please donate a minimum of $30 and receive these eight brilliant Mind-Vitamin Thought-Seed stickers promptly sent postage free to anywhere in the world.

They are laser printed onto postcard size durable vinyl for display where they can be easily seen. They brighten dull spots with continuously radiating inspiration.

Money raised from ERF’s Crowd Funding initiative, directly contributes to:

• Supporting an efficient voluntary secretariat where this strategy is being administered from;

• Maintaining the practical demonstration of urban permaculture food-forest gardening at ERF HQ;

• Helping spread these Mind-Vitamin Thought -Seeds far and wide;

• Completing the production of an important World’s Best Practice poster for different languages so everyone can learn to play a part in helping the transition to a sustainable future.

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