There are many people who have participated in refining the wording of the self-evident and achievable solutions presented in the Earth Repair Charter and Vision 2020 Global Solution Strategy.

Acknowledgement with sincere gratitude is expressed by ERF to all contributors who have helped the growth of this earth repair initiative. To everyone who has participated so far during the last 35 years and more, directly or indirectly, and also to others yet to help, may all blessings be with you for your continuous enjoyment of optimistic nowist thinking, the latest as the greatest, and ever-increasing peace, love, freedom and happiness.

Listed below in alphabetical order are the names of some of the many participants and contributors.

The list will be added to as progress advances.

Angel, Adam and Gaia, supporters
Alexander PH Driscoll, supporter
Alfred Schmidt, IT support
Ben Hope, health researcher, advisor
Benny Zable, performance artist for peace and the environment, Advisor
Bob Brown, Charter endorser
Brooke Watson, advisor, supporter
Burnum Burnum, ancestor and spirit guide
Dalai Lama, Charter endorser
David Beattie, elder advisor
David Suzuki, inspirer, Charter endorser
Dudley Leggett, Director, Sustainability Research Institute, Charter endorser
Duncan Roads, Nexus Magazine, supporter
Dylan Wood, Video Production, IT support, networking
Evie Pikler, music contributor, advisor
Faith Hope Charity, researcher/advisor
Florian Altendorfer, IT support, networking
Frazer Kirkman, friend, advisor, IT support
Franklin MC Scarf JP, founder/director ERF (FMCS Resume)
Geoffrey BW Little JP, The Smiling Policeman, supporter
Grahame King, Indigenous liaison
Helen Droga, volunteer
Ian Bridges, IT support
Jan Thornleigh, advisor, supporter
Jenny Kee, Charter endorser
Jeremy and Daemon Wozniak, IT supporters
Jonathan Bevan, LLB, advisor, Charter endorser
Julia Kierth, Inner Light Foundation, supporter
Karyn Nash, advisor, supporter, promoter
Keith Suter, advisor and Charter endorser
Lindsay Mell and Sandy Yang, supporters
Matt Cole, advisor, supporter
Marcos Garcia Ronciera, researcher, supporter, RIP
Matti Heinonen, video support
Megan Juresa, research assistant, supporter
Michael Byrt, advisor, supporter
Michael Galvin, environmental engineer, scientist, advisor, supporter
Michael Jones, advisor, supporter
Michael Teleshoff, IT support
Mookx, Shanto, Nuro and Madhu for many creative contributions
Paul Shelley, advisor, supporter and marketer
Penny Berlin, website developer
Peter Shenstone, Planet Ark, advisor, supporter
Philip Roberts, BFA, Artist/Film-maker, supporter
Raffaella Washington, advisor, research assistant
Richard Jones, advisor and Charter endorser
Robyn Jackson, advisor, research assistant
Rosalinda Perido, M.Mgmt, Business Admin Advisor
Rosco Welch, advisor
Rowan Bourner, volunteer gardener, supporter
Samir and Susi Touma, advisors
Salima Lynn Harvison, advisor, research assistant
Shirin Ripoll, supporter
Shirley Lewis, BagLady Productions, supporter
Shoshanna Brenner, supporter
Spring Blossom, advisor, activist
Stephen Tripp, writer, musician, supporter
Steve Harrison, Amazing art contributor
Susan Pearce, book keeping
Ted Imsirovic, landscaper
Thelonious and SunRa, art and media
The Kennedy Family, ERF HQ building owners
The Scarf Brothers & Sisters, friends and supporters
Tony Young, Media support
Trinity and Chrissi Scarf, supporters
Trish, Majella and Tobias Donoghue, advisors, activists, supporters
UNAA (NSW) Inc, Executive Committee, Environment Program and Blue Mountains Branch, support
Uncle Guboo Ted Thomas, Ancestor and Spirit Guide?
Varunee, Jake and Jaquie Minchin, supporters
William Gray, supporter, advisor
Will Smith and Family, supporters
ZZL, Lindy Carrington, researcher and advisor

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